Monday, 14 November 2016

5 Simple Tricks to Ensure Security of Your WordPress-Built Website

Using WordPress as the CMS platform of your website is certainly a fair choice. With its powerful SEO techniques, loads of high-end features and easy-to use configuration, It’s known to be the one of the most preferable CMS platforms of many entrepreneurs that is efficient as well as affordable.

However, with popularity, here comes another risk as well. Alike any other popular software, it attracts more number of hackers who are equipped with numerous ways to exploit the site. Thus, it is elementary to prevent the majority of crucial hacking attempts along with some simple security housekeeping. Following here are some of the ways to secure the WordPress website.

Two factor authentication login
Implementing two factor authentication to login is a simple and effective way of preventing the brute force attacks. They mostly include an extra layer of security login by requesting the additional proof of ID like some secret questions or a mobile generated code. WP Google Authentication become a perfect 2FA which, can be installed for securing the site’s login.

Implementing Login limits
Minimizing the number of login attempts is one effective yet, simple way of preventing the hackers and different types of unauthorized manual login attempts. The thing that’s actually involved is a simple looking mechanism in login retry of the WordPress login page. The WP limit login plugin will help you to prevent the chances of attempted brute force attack to the login page by locking down the IP addresses which, crosses threshold of failed .

Change admin admin login URL
An important director to the Website directory is the wp-admin category. Thus, you can add extra login security. However, there is a set of plugins which, must be created for ensuring safety and security.

Switching to  HTTPs (TLS.SSL)
An MITM is mostly the area where data is being sent in between both the parties is getting intercepted to you by using an eavesdropper in middle who facilitates proper monitoring of data being sent in between the two.

Making the password secure
Sometimes, the simplest yet effective way to make the website secure is not to charge it frequently. In case, the password is a simple one, then it becomes helpful for the user thereby, not letting a proper combination of uppercase, lowercase, special numbers and characters for the password.  

Wrapping up
At PHPProgrammers, our developers experienced in the domain of WordPress development have recommended that there’s a range of things to which, can be done for preventing the website from getting hacked. Thus, it is important to note down the major tricks and tips to facilitate streamlined security of the WordPress-built website, thereby leading you to gain online success.


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