Tuesday, 6 December 2016

4 Features of Laravel that Make it the Recommended Choice of Developers

Among the various PHP supportive coding frameworks, Laravel has drawn significant attention in the domain of web development. Since its initial release, it has emerged as a recommended option of developers because of its robust performance, extensive scalability and high-end features.

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At PHPProgrammers, we boast a pool of experienced professionals who all are equipped with the skill set to deploy the efficient frameworks like Laravel at its best and facilitate flawless web application development.  Here in this blog, we would like to talk about the key features of this framework.

Routing System
The framework follows an amazingly easy-to-use and simple approach to routing. Most of the emerging PHP developers are not so familiar with anything other than the natural process to route systems. Typically, it facilitates more integrated control and flexibility over deciding on which route is being triggered on the application. Ideally, a directory is being developing for matching any desired URI. while creating the links, all you need to do is provide the route’s name and this framework will insert the correct URI automatically. Furthermore, this helps in changing the routes in the future course thereby, updating all the relevant links.

It’s certainly a significant part of the Laravel framework which, runs almost hundreds of tests for ensuring that the new changes will not end up in breaking anything unexpectedly. It’s being popularly considered to boast a series of stable releases and is aware of the known failures as well. Over time, it started getting recognition and become a likeable option of the developers as well. Moreover, it’s easy to write unit-tests while writing your own codes after which, you will be able to run the tests with ‘Artisan’ command-line utility.

Application Logic
It can be incorporated within any web application irrespective of whether using the controllers or into the route declarations directly by deploying the syntax. This framework is being designed with the aim of giving privilege or flexibility to the developer of creating different types of products ranging from massive enterprise applications to small websites.

Automatic Pagination
It aids in preventing the application logic from getting unorganized along with a pile of pagination configuration. It gets into the count of selected data and db records by using an offset/limit called ‘paginate’ thereby, communicates with the framework regarding where it needs to place the paging links in view. The pagination system of Laravel was developed for developers and users to make the work easier, implement and change. The framework serves as the ideal option in handling these types of things in an automated way thereby, making the entire task easier.

Laravel helps in creating trendsetting applications which, are certainly simple to ease yet, deliver spectacular results. So, the next time you are confused with all your web development needs, seek for detailed consultation and expertise of an adroit Laravel developer to get into the right track and develop requirement-specific applications.


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