Thursday, 22 December 2016

Tips to Boost Online Traffic of Product Pages of a WooCommerce Store

Every online store presumably wishes to gain recognition within their target audience base. This is the reason for which, every other company stresses on framing a winning SEO strategy. While detailing on the product pages of an eCommerce store, all the pages must be optimized for targeted keywords which, are relevant to the page. This will further help in driving traffic to the page where people most search for the site.

Keeping note of this fact, following here are some of the significant things to know for improving online traffic of the product pages of your WooCommerce website.

Keyword Selection
Keywords are known to be the building blocks of SEO. You can use unique keywords for optimizing the content prepared for each product. During the brainstorming session on keyword selection, you must think about what people might search while looking for the products. Thenafter, you will be able to place these keywords in the content, title, product description and meta descriptions to boost the rankings of that page.

Title and meta description
Title of the page and meta descriptions are two significant things which, appear on the search page. Thus, you must try to include keywords for that page in the meta description and title. This will further help in ranking the page higher since, it will become more clear for people about what the page is all about. Ideally:
The title must have the length in between 50-60 characters.
The meta descriptions must have the length in between 150-160 characters.

Unique product page content
You can add your company’s brand voice to the product pages by including some unique and meaningful content for the product descriptions. You can add your own version of description instead of just copying the product description provided by the manufacturer and place the keywords which, are more user-friendly.
Furthermore, you can even include product specifics like technical specifications, model number and general things as well for which, people will mainly search for who are not much familiar with the product.

Product reviews
Reviews help the online stores in a number of ways. Firstly, people prefer to see what users of the products have felt while using the product. Reviews serve as a potential source of word-of-mouth marketing which, gives the chance to know beyond product description to the potential customers. Thus, people tend to spend more time on the product page for reading reviews instead of searching the product review elsewhere.

The final takeaway
Conducting an effective SEO campaign helps your online store to be visible. Better SEO will help in increasing the sales and frame better reputation for the brand. While considering the aforesaid, efforts are also to be made for writing useful, descriptive and user-friendly content. Ideally, it serves as the preferable choice to seek for professionalized support of an adroit WooCommerce developer who has the competence and experience to build and manage SEO-friendly web pages that ensure steady online traffic.


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