Sunday, 22 January 2017

How Can A Responsive Website Skyrocket Your Online Business?

With nearly 2 billion people using mobile phones and devices, it became mandatory for the eCommerce businesses now to have highly responsive websites. As mobile searches rely mostly on speed and convenience, it implies that searchers quickly switch to another site if they cannot quickly find out what they want in a particular site. Thus, responsive sites that can be easily accessed in any devices apart from desktops became crucial for online retailers to target vast customer base.

Here follows are the core advantages attributed to a responsive site of online business.

Enhanced accessibility

Smartphones are becoming a basic necessity in everyone’s life with the increase in their affordability. More people are searching for their products or services through mobiles or tablets because it is more convenient and quick. So, you need to ensure that your eCommerce website can be accessed by your target customers from even smartphones or tablets.

Rise in Conversions

Besides the rise in the number of mobile users who can access your site, enhanced responsiveness leads to easy navigation across your website irrespective of the screen resolutions or browser type people are using.  This leads to rise in rate of conversions from visitors to loyal customers when they see navigating through your site is convenient.

Improved SEO rankings

Major search engines including Google prefer ranking sites that are mobile friendly. So, automatically you can raise your search engine ranking if you switch to a mobile responsive website.

Stay Ahead in Competition
If you cannot provide a smooth experience to users of small screen devices, you are bound to lose your customers to the competitors who offer the same. So, stay ahead in the race of eCommerce by having a responsive eCommerce site that offers a seamless experience.

Simplify Marketing approaches
With a responsive site for your business, you will no more need separate marketing campaigns for desktops and mobile devices.  A single approach to marketing will be sufficient for targeting audiences from different platforms.

Maintain consistency of your brand
When you have online one site that can be accessed both from desktop and mobiles, you can have a consistent brand image for your business. If a similar outlook or feel is maintained in all platforms, there is no scope for your brand being confused as different in desktops and other devices.

Summing Up
Small-screens friendly or responsive eCommerce site pave the path of success of your online business. What you need is the right assistance from adept eCommerce website developers who can make your site equally responsive in all platforms. So, get in touch with PHPProgrammmers, that possesses some of the highly professional Magento eCommerce programmers in Sydney who have hands-on experience in developing responsive websites for retailers.
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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Build Futuristic and Customer-Centric eCommerce Sites With Magento

Magento is currently one of the most seeked platforms for developing eCommerce solutions, but what makes it so is still inexplicit. The platform was cast away for its extensive coding, complicated coding styles and lack of ease of customization, it still managed to linger on the charts of the eCommerce developers for its distinct facets. There are several effective reasons for which Magento eCommerce developers boasts of the platform as an ultimate solutions for online stores.

 #An ever evolving platform

Magento being an open source platform allows the developers to try out, update or modify the existing solutions to build new extensions and solutions that are amiable with the desired eCommerce trends in the market. 

#Offers Scalability

This is most sound aspect of Magento which makes it highly preferred to those small sized entrepreneurs who have great prospects of grow. Magento is built in a way which allows the store owners to manage a large amount data.

#Conversion driven features

Magento is well capable of converting the visitors in your site to customers. Simplified process of registration and checkout, multiple gateways, multiple language support are some of its features that facilitates altogether the conversion of visitors into loyal customers of your store. 
#Specific functionalities

store owners seek for some specific features for hassle free management of their stores and Magento makes things much more easier. Products and orders management, social media optimization, secured transactions,  vendor management are some of the crucial aspects to look for and Magento provides solutions for all these specific aspects. 
#Search-engine friendly

Search engines are the only resort to the online shoppers so it is highly essential that you make your online store highly visible there to attract more traffic. Even though there is different stream of marketing dedicated to improve the site’s traffic, Magento itself has some technical built -ins such as SEO friendly URLs, meta title and descriptions that leads to traffic enhancements.
#Mobile friendly

As most of the internet users are using mobile phones for shopping online, it has become a prime need for every online retailers to optimize their stores for all mobile devices. Magento assures you that with its mobile compatible extensions and scripts. 
Final Words

Magento has  been evolving consistently pertaining to the changes in the needs of the businesses and online customers. These customer centric and impacting features are bound to rake your site’s performance and user experience to new benchmarks. So, do not miss out any opportunity to build an eCommerce site for your business or revamp your existing site and partner with PHPProgrammer, a pioneer in magento eCommerce development services.

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Thursday, 5 January 2017

3 Feature-packed Themes to Augment Your WooCommerce Online Store

WordPress powers around 25% of the Internet and the numbers are increasing every single day. There are several reasons why WordPress is recognized as the most preferred Content Management System (CMS) irrespective of whether the task is associated with building a social network, a blogging site or an eCommerce store. 
With the eCommerce industry being at its peak, entrepreneurs are willing to invest more in this sector and while considering an affordable option for eCommerce development, WordPress surely tops the list while integrated with its WooCommerce plugin. Because of the increased number of WooCommerce-built eCommerce stores, it has become more important to make your store look unique and gain maximum customer acceptance. Keeping this in mind, here are some of the most attractive WooCommerce themes, which, if installed on your store properly can deliver you the maximum of your investment.

Shapely - One Page WordPress Theme

Shapely is a popular free one page WordPress theme which, supports all sorts of free and premium WordPress plugins including WooCommerce such that you can build the eCommerce store for free.
Being a fully responsive theme, it can be customized as per your requirements since, it comes with dozens of options for customization as well. Furthermore, you will be able to edit the footer copyrights, colours of elements and much more.


This is another responsive free WordPress theme which, supports WooCommerce along with various other WordPress plugins such that creating the eCommerce store becomes much easy, thereby minimizing the expenditure.
It provides a new feature slider which, is powered by FlexSlider and support Infinite Scroll that loads the content ‘on the fly’. Dynamic customization allows you to choose individual text fonts, element colours, side bars, button colours and much more.

SaleJunction - eCommerce ready WordPress Theme

It is a free retro style WP theme, which is mostly suited for fashion based online stores to attract more visitors and boost their business. This particular theme comes with floating bar, shopping cart and 7 different colour themes.  
It supports WooCommerce and different other eCommerce plugins as well. Furthermore, it features a slider view which, can be used as a showcase across multiple product categories.

With such a range of WooCommerce themes available for the online merchants, it becomes much easier to add that extra spark to your website which, drives more customers. Furthermore, with the skill set and technical expertise of a WooCommerce programmer, it becomes much helpful to develop a highly functional and attractive online store that would ultimately drive success to your business. 

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Monday, 2 January 2017

4 Key Pointers that Signify the Utility of Shopify Development

Are you planning to start on online store and rely on Shopify as the best option? The homepage of Shopify claims to boast a pool of 200000+ merchants. However, stats alone cannot be able to make it enough dependable for the users. Thus, we are about to throw some light onto the unique and most advantageous aspects of Shopify, which make it a reliable platform for the online merchants.

Hosts 100+ mobile ready, professional looking storefront themes

It offers you with more than 100 professional and beautiful templates such that the online store looks great. While having an online store, you must focus on its appearance, thereby making it look professional and clean for encouraging visitors to stay for long and look around. This platform comes with a Theme Store where, you will be able to choose from a wide range of premium themes across different industrial domains.  

24/7 support

You will be able to reach them at anytime via online live chat, phone or email. They mostly provide users with 4 international phone numbers such that you will be able to choose the number as per the region. While running an online business, you might require immediate access to support and when concerned with technology troubleshooting, this platform can prove to be the most reliable choice.

Sound usability

It’s certainly not magic and thus, you need to spend some hours for going through the learning curve. However, once you got through with it, it becomes pretty smooth to sail with it. Shopify comes with a range of useful tools which, include:
  • Insert product descriptions, images and details.
  • Manage inventory.
  • Discount code engine.
  • Organize products into categories.
  • Create blogs and web pages.
  • Track order and customer details.
  • Manage multiple staff login and much more.

Abandoned checkout recovery 
Based on stats, it has been observed that out of every 3 potential customers, 2 individuals generally place product items into the buying cart but, then after, forget to complete the buying process since, they get distracted by people, emails and random things. While considering the fact, Shopify comes with the service of abandoned checkout cart recovery as this tool lets you track and email those prospects automatically for following up and reminding to complete the purchase. The whole process is being conducted automatically and more statistically, you will  be able to see a hefty boost in sales figures as well.

Before investing in the task of eCommerce development, it’s certainly important to evaluate the features of each platform for making the right decision. Going through these aforesaid points would help in evaluating its utility but, joining hands with an experienced Shopify developer will help you to develop a trendsetting online store from which, you can be able to derive maximum results.