Sunday, 19 February 2017

5 Best Measures for Securing Magento Stores

Magento is hailing among e-tailers as the most fitting and efficient eCommerce platform. With each passing day, it’s has been making significant signs of progress in terms of flexibility, performance, functionalities, and even security. As most Magento built sites, being eCommerce ventures deal with sensitive customer details, including financial credentials, they are becoming the easy targets of hackers. If you are an owner of an online store, then it’s high time that you pay attention to its security aspects.
Protecting your customers’ essential credentials is crucial as it directly impacts your store’s reputation and sales. Here’s enumerating some of the best ways to affix your Magento site from security threats.

Use Encrypted Connection

Using encrypted connection, either HTTPS or SSL is must if your site deals with confidential details of the customers. The key features of encrypted connection are encrypting all the data regarding checkouts, transactions and customer interactions between the browser and server at the back-end.

Use the latest version of Magento

It is advisable that your online store must be run on the newest version of Magento. Outdated versions being lagged in security features will make your site prone to online thefts, like SQL injection, spamming. So, to keep your site secure, hire the services of expert Magento programmer and update your site to the latest version.

Set highly admin name and password

Online merchants mostly set up simple credentials for logging onto their online stores and create common username and password for the use of admin panels. This provides a great opportunity for the hackers to intrude the sites to hack customer data. So, make sure that your Magento store has a complicated and unique username and password that is hard to guess for the hackers. Also, keep updating the admin’s username as well as the password timely.

Get fixed IP addresses for accessing admin panel
When your online store is created and assisted by a team of eCommerce site developers, then do not forget to get it secured by using highly restricted login attempts from any other IP addresses.

Keep backups of essential data
Online merchants make a huge mistake by not creating a backup server as a data restorer for their sites. Having a backup server will help you get back up all your data when there is a loss of database and financial infringements due to site blocking, computer catastrophes or any kind of hacking.  

Looking at the increased intensity of online security breaches, hiring the services of a pioneered eCommerce development company would be a wise decision if you are running a Magento powered site. Having years of experience in the domain of website creation, they offer intricate services and can secure your store all types of security threats. So hire our Magento developers from PHPProgrammers in Australia and shield your site from all sorts of intruders and privacy attacks.

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