Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Features That Customers Seek in Shopping Sites

Managing any eCommerce site is largely different from managing any physical store.  You  know well what your customers want when they visit your offline stores, as you can directly ask them what  their choices, show exactly what they want, let them try out your products, or can even notice any inconvenience in your services, All these are definitely not possible in case of online stores but there might be some ways to offer a hassle-free and real-time services to let the customers have an experience like that of shopping at storefronts.

Take a look at the features you need for your own online store to attract prospective customers and grow your business online.

Product catalogue

If you truly have the potential to offer a variety of products and deliver them at the doorstep of the buyers, then it is not sensible of you to display only a limited collection of your products. Your eCommerce store should be capable enough to show all the products you have in store with an effective catalog management to help the customers find what they want by brand, material or category.

Product description and reviews

In physical customers can touch and inspect well what are they are buying and you can even describe them about the attributes of the products. To ensure that your online customers experience the same, provide detailed descriptions of your products so your potential customers can get all the information they need at once. Moreover, you can create up some space for customer reviews to make your site more credible and trustworthy to the visitors.

Fast loading speed

Fast loading speed is one vital requirement to keep visitors coming to your site and enhance conversion rates. Obviously, if your website loads in just a fraction of a second and all its content appear at once on the screen, it creates a positive impression in the minds of the visitors, thereby helping you to spur up sales through increased rate of conversions.

Security of transactions
This feature is most required for every business selling things online so that customers should be confident while making payments online. Customers need to give in their bank details, and other necessary personal information for login and paying, so they seek for a trustworthy website with adequate safety and security.

Loyalty programs
Like customers of physical stores, shoppers in online stores also look for loyalty programs such coupons, gift vouchers etc for being regular customers. So, every online retailer needs to realise the importance of retaining customers and keep offering loyalty programs to keep customers visiting your stores every time they want anything new.

To conclude, you need a user-friendly and customer centric online store for your business, and all these features can help you achieve so. However, you need the help of a dedicated website development that can help you with effective eCart platforms like Magento, or Shopify to make your store live by incorporating all the above features. You can get in touch with PHPProgrammers, that has a seasoned team of Magento developers who can perfectly help you in realising your dream of a vibrant online store.

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Monday, 20 March 2017

Why Magento is Appropriate To Spur Up Online Businesses

Irrespective of whether you have already stepped into the world of eCommerce or planning to step into, keep note of the fact that getting a foothold in the eCommerce industry is not that easy. You are bound to face massive competition when there are thousands of online shops facilitating the sale and purchase of products. Thus,  it’s a real challenge for the aspiring retailers to make their eCommerce venture successful or to choose the platform that will offer full-fledged support in making your shop profitable.

Magento is proclaimed to be one of most of the powerful platforms for eCommerce development that helps in building outstanding stores. Here’s described in detail why Magento is the ultimate platform for online businesses.

Highly customisable

Magento built stores are custom-made, as you can incorporate features the way you want and as per your business needs.  Magento comes with its different versions, that suit the size, needs or spending capacities of businesses specifically that helps each business to have a site that fits their needs.

Coding is easier

Coding is much easier in Magento because center coding is incorporated with outsider code, enabling the sites to utilise the best from the both. Further, coding is not interrupted by any kind of expansions and changes in future updates, for which many companies are seen shifting to Magento.


 Scalable platform

You can expand your online store in future if it is Magento built, as it grows in future. Retailers can discover more of the platform to extend their site and make it distinct from the competitor’s site by using unique augmentations. Magento-powered sites can support up to 500000 products and have the potential to handle over 80 thousands orders per hour.

Effective content management

Magento offers a versatile system of content management. It has a highly intuitive and visually supported page editor which helps the retailers to build and customise their product offerings on the site.

Delivers mobile responsive sites
In today’s world where smartphones, iPhones, iPads are the inevitable part of people’s lives, it is obviously essential that eCommerce businesses operate a feasible well-disposed site that is responsive in all the mobile platforms.

Powered with customised security
Owing to the vast database and customer related information managed by eCommerce sites, they need to have safety from intruders and hacks. However, Magento comes with customised security and protection features, that help businesses in keeping their site safe and managing the internal access with multiple levels of permission.

There is more to mention in this list which explains the comprehensiveness of Magento, making it a one-stop solution for most online retailers. PHPProgrammers, an eminent software development company in Sydney, has a team of best Magento developers, who have been delivering world-class shopping sites for different businesses over years. So, hire our developers and get your own custom-made store at affordable rates.

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Thursday, 9 March 2017

What Makes CodeIgniter A Convenient Solution for Start-Ups

At present, most web development companies are using CodeIgniter to help businesses, especially start-ups for building a robust website to mark their presence in the virtual world. Amidst of a numerous web development frameworks, CodeIgniter is the most preferred tool for the developers who deploys PHP language and MVC software for building websites. While every PHP frameworks are distinct and useful in terms of their features, CodeIgniter is chosen for its enhanced flexibility and configuration for delivering intuitive and powerful websites.
Let’s take a look at the core features of CodeIgniter framework, that makes it a most desirable solution for PHP developers.


While starting any new project on PHP, one has to begin from the scratch, collect many setup files, build databases, and configuration files, making the job of developers bit challenging. However, in the case of CodeIgniter, there is no need for any configurations or databases. Developers only need to download its latest version in the form of a zip file and following few steps for setting up.

Lesser code duplication

In CodeIgniter, there is no need for developers to write functions onto the page as each of the functions are seen in the models that can be accessed within the site. Each code is written in its appropriate places, thereby reducing the chance of codes duplication.


Framework for rapid development

With CodeIgniter, developers have to write very fewer codes. This saves a lot of your time as you did not have to trust any other external libraries for any new project because you will get most of them while installing the default CodeIgniter framework.

Built-in libraries
One remarkable advantage of using CodeIgniter is its exclusive set of libraries that comes with the default download. Every website mainly needs common classes including session, cart, pagination, cache classes, security and so forth, all of which are already available in CodeIgniter.

Easy handling of errors
Handling of errors hasn't been so easy until developers got to know about CodeIgniter. While in any type of custom website development, detecting bugs and fixing them is quite difficult, CodeIgniter offers an interface that will help you to identify any error functions present throughout the application. In it, you are needed to write single line code for enabling all the errors to display at once, so that you can understand the problems in the development code.

Enhanced security
Every business wants to build a secure site, which is not easy to hack by the intruders. Moreover, the sites should be secured from SQL injections, CSRF or XSRF attacks, which is assured if you use CodeIgniter. The framework comes with some best built-in classes and set of libraries which ensure the security of the sites through some simple steps.      

Final thought
CodeIgniter is one of the most distinct PHP frameworks reliable for the small businesses and startups because of its flexibility, enhanced functionalities, and performance oriented solutions. PHPProgrammers, being a pioneer in web development services in Australia has some of the best-trained CodeIgniter programmers who can deliver dynamic website solutions for your business. So, hire our CodeIgniter programmers and take a step ahead to fulfill your vision now!

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Monday, 6 March 2017

4 Key Elements to Speed Your Drupal 8-built Website

With its phenomenally sleek appearance and extensive functionality, Drupal 8 has gained wide popularity as an open-source content management framework. Being launched in February 2017, it comes with a range of superior aspects for developing a user-friendly store easily, however, you can certainly implement some effective ways to speed up your Drupal-8 powered website as well. 

Performance and speed are two crucial elements which, directly affects the process of customer engagement. Though, content of the website is a thing of great importance, however, overall functionality of the website is also significant for your website’s popularity which, majorly depends on search engines and number of visitors. Keeping this in mind, here are some of the key areas to eye on for speeding up your Drupal 8-built website. 

Image optimisation

Image usage is certainly crucial while accompanied with content. As stated by experts, blogs enjoy a higher number of views while being posted with certain type of imageries. However, apart from helping users to engage with the audience, they also might hinder the performance of Drupal as well. The most easy way of image optimisation is to choose its right size before uploading. It is ideal not to use huge graphics thereby, making them the ideal fit by changing the size using code.

Caching Modules

Caching serves to be a brilliant way of saving the website’s speed, especially when the elements of the website are being saved and utilised when a visitor approaches. This instance is mostly similar to saving the program settings which, you deploy on a regular basis. Earlier, users need to empty the cache regularly for improving the performance of the computer. However, in Drupal 8, there are certain in-built methods which, allow it to function without any requirement of installing the additional modules. However, some of the extensions come with greater versatility and control as compared to the included methods. 


Minimise the External Resources

Impact of certain external resources on your website plays a great role. Things such as ad sharing and affiliate links which, retrieve from 3rd-party issues are most likely to create certain speed issues as well.  Thus, it is ideal to keep the add-ons to a minimum extent which, aid in serving the site’s purpose and level up its speed as well.

Database Optimisation
Apart from coding of the website, there are certain other things which, need to be optimised. Database usage typically plays an integral part in minimising the speed. Furthermore, database optimisation helps in cleaning the data regularly and eliminating the useless or unnecessary chunks of information as well.

With Drupal 8, it is certain that users will be able to offer an improved experience to the visitors of the website. However, knowing these tricks will help you to speed up the entire process thereby, resulting in saving time and money. Being a team of industry-leading Drupal developers of Australia, we at PHPProgrammers aim at offering cost-effective web development services to our clients which, reflect a perfect amalgam of functionality and quality. Thus, if you have a project to discuss, contact us now. 

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Sunday, 5 March 2017

3 Most Effective Tips to Secure Your OpenCart eCommerce Store

With the increasing number of cyber breaches and attacks, security of your OpenCart-built eCommerce store might be at great risk. It has become a prudent choice for online merchants to ensure the website’s security as because it deals with great number of transactions and customer credentials throughout the day. Any loophole in the security infrastructure of your OpenCart website will not only threat to your revenue but, also affect your company’s image and reputation adversely.
                                                 opencart developer sydney
At PHPProgrammers, being a trusted eCommerce development company in Australia, we always try to come up with unique solutions for developing, maintaining and upgrading their websites. Thus, following here are some of the most effective tips recommended by our skilled OpenCart developer in Sydney which would help you to boost security of your OpenCart powered online store.
 Tip 1: Secure the Config Files
It is of prime importance to check whether the config files are secured or not. If the hackers get in track of the config files then, they will be able to get details of both your site’s structure and database as well. You must keep the files secure and safe.

Tip 2: Deleting the Installation Folder of OpenCart
It’s mostly a common tip for almost every software being installed on the website, however, it is ideal to delete the folder of installation as well once, everything is executed and in run. This eCommerce platform hosts a little error message that pops up in case the folder is present in the Admin folder even after its installation. Thus, it is better to delete it to prevent other people getting the access to reset all your connections and overwrite your hard work.  

Tip 3: Hide the PHP errors of OpenCart
It’s beneficial to see the errors being displayed on the web page in case something goes wrong which, will further allow you to figure out what requires proper fixing. However, it can be beneficial even for the hackers. You need to turn this feature off by signing into the admin area , then go to System - Settings - Edit - Server and switch the option of ‘Display Errors’ to No. You will be able to see the error log at all times even by looking at the link provided down in the page as well.

Having these tips in consideration, it becomes much easy for online merchants to ensure strict security of their eCommerce store. This in turn, would certainly help you to offer a seamless and secured online shopping experience to customers and let your business grow as well. 

Thursday, 2 March 2017

5 Popular Magento Themes for Your Online Grocery Store

If you wish to own an online grocery store and are looking for a customisable and appropriate theme for your store, then look for options no other than Magento. You can choose from a range of attractive and user-friendly themes that will fit your grocery store appropriately. Moreover, you can get any time of customisation you wish for if your hire Magento experts from an established and seasoned websites development company.

Let’s find out the varieties of themes that Magento has in store to exclusively support grocery businesses.

#1 Everest

Everest is a multi-store highly responsive Magento theme that supports 10+ unique designs and ready-to-use layouts. Built especially for creating supermarkets, mega-markets, the theme has advanced admin module. It’s being extremely customisable and responsive, suitable for diverse types of grocery stores.

#2 Ves Harvest

Ves Harvest is another theme, highly suitable for any kind of Food Store, Superfood stores, Fruit stores, or any possible food marketplaces which want beautiful online presence. This Magento theme is built to create fully responsive themes for varieties of groceries that are suitable on all resolutions, including desktop, mobile, and tablets of all screen sizes. Moreover, it provides many tools for customizing themes, using live theme editor, or custom CSS files for supporting for creating an unlimited number of profiles.


 #3 MT Baleno

This is a parallax highly responsive theme that is best applicable for any kind of stores starting from food and recipes, restaurant, fruits, flowers to daily essentials like health and beauty products. It comes with some advanced features, like responsive designs, product quick view, off-canvas menu, mega menu, unlimited color themes, one-page checkout, newsletter popouts, homepage variations, strong admin panel and so on.

#4 Cygnus
Cygnus is great built multipurpose Magento theme that best suits food stores along with fashion, kids shop and gift stores. This highly responsive theme is super impressive and informative as its specialised layouts enhance the view of the stores, making the page and its products more clear and appealing to the users.

#5 Wine Shop
As the name suggests, this Magento theme is exclusively created for wine, drinks and even other food groceries. This theme looks great as varied of colours are there to choose from and all subpages can be customised. Needless to say, the theme's simplistic approach with mild yet catchy variations gives the store a professional and transparent look.

With these great themes from Magento, you can kick-start to your online retail grocery business in no time. While ‘first impression is the last impression’, it comes true in case of online stores too. Visitors may immediately abandon the site when they see first page dull and boring. Further, it carries an unprofessional impression, compelling customers to leave without any purchase. So, hire a Magento expert to enhance and beautify your store with an exemplary responsive theme to spur up the rate of conversions. Reach our experts at PHPProgrammers now and get assured services for your grocery store!

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