Monday, 6 March 2017

4 Key Elements to Speed Your Drupal 8-built Website

With its phenomenally sleek appearance and extensive functionality, Drupal 8 has gained wide popularity as an open-source content management framework. Being launched in February 2017, it comes with a range of superior aspects for developing a user-friendly store easily, however, you can certainly implement some effective ways to speed up your Drupal-8 powered website as well. 

Performance and speed are two crucial elements which, directly affects the process of customer engagement. Though, content of the website is a thing of great importance, however, overall functionality of the website is also significant for your website’s popularity which, majorly depends on search engines and number of visitors. Keeping this in mind, here are some of the key areas to eye on for speeding up your Drupal 8-built website. 

Image optimisation

Image usage is certainly crucial while accompanied with content. As stated by experts, blogs enjoy a higher number of views while being posted with certain type of imageries. However, apart from helping users to engage with the audience, they also might hinder the performance of Drupal as well. The most easy way of image optimisation is to choose its right size before uploading. It is ideal not to use huge graphics thereby, making them the ideal fit by changing the size using code.

Caching Modules

Caching serves to be a brilliant way of saving the website’s speed, especially when the elements of the website are being saved and utilised when a visitor approaches. This instance is mostly similar to saving the program settings which, you deploy on a regular basis. Earlier, users need to empty the cache regularly for improving the performance of the computer. However, in Drupal 8, there are certain in-built methods which, allow it to function without any requirement of installing the additional modules. However, some of the extensions come with greater versatility and control as compared to the included methods.

Minimise the External Resources

Impact of certain external resources on your website plays a great role. Things such as ad sharing and affiliate links which, retrieve from 3rd-party issues are most likely to create certain speed issues as well.  Thus, it is ideal to keep the add-ons to a minimum extent which, aid in serving the site’s purpose and level up its speed as well.

Database Optimisation
Apart from coding of the website, there are certain other things which, need to be optimised. Database usage typically plays an integral part in minimising the speed. Furthermore, database optimisation helps in cleaning the data regularly and eliminating the useless or unnecessary chunks of information as well.

With Drupal 8, it is certain that users will be able to offer an improved experience to the visitors of the website. However, knowing these tricks will help you to speed up the entire process thereby, resulting in saving time and money. Being a team of industry-leading Drupal developers of Australia, we at PHPProgrammers aim at offering cost-effective web development services to our clients which, reflect a perfect amalgam of functionality and quality. Thus, if you have a project to discuss, contact us now. 

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