Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Key Features You Need For Impressive Product Pages on Your Site

Becoming an online retailer does not seem to be simple. While on one end, you need to be cautious of the performance of the store, on the other end you need to be particular about how the product pages look like. There are numerable platforms for eCommerce development,  OpenCart, being a prior one to help you get a stellar website built right way keeping your customers in mind. However, you sure have a great list of products to showcase and manage on your site. For that, you need to take care of the viability of your product pages to your target customers. Although you need to hire OpenCart developers or other eCommerce developers for assuring that, here’s a short list of the features you need to consider while creating the product pages of your site.

#1 Product title

This is the foremost crucial point to consider while listing a product and a catchy and convenient product title will allow the search engines to index in an appropriate way. Also, forget not to apply the H1 tag for your titles, as it keeps a higher ranking of the page.

#2 Images

Images are more persuasive than the titles in case of eCommerce product listings as customers firstly look for images to make the decisions to purchase. Images are the first element on your product page that customers can be impressed with. So, ensure that you are only putting high-quality images for every product and that too from different angles.

#3 Price & Availability details

Many eCommerce merchants make the mistake of not mentioning prices, discounts, shipping and surcharges as clearly as possible on the product pages. This hamper sale in a big way as customers can switch away from the checkout when they see that total paid amount surpasses their expectations. Thus, you need to mention the exact prices on your page. Besides, you need to also show the availability of products.

#4  Payment and shipping methods
Online shopping convenience depends on the shipping and payment modes and hence you need to precise about it on your product page. Customers must get to know about the available modes of payments and shipping details. This information are vital as they manipulate purchasing decisions.

#5 Detailing of products
A product page is useless despite good images and title if there is no proper detailing or descriptions of the same. Online customers are way smarter and do not buy anything without complete details regarding the product materials, features, sizes, etc.  They are not going to buy until they are convinced enough about the product from its details. Thus, make sure you have every detail and mention it alongside the product.

Rolling up things, these are the must-have facets of every product page which assure to grab up the major attention of the buyers on the site and convince them to purchase. The only way to assure that is to have a trusted development partner by your side. Get in touch with PHPProgrammers, acclaimed and Australia-based websites and eCommerce development firm and let their expert team do all the thing for you.

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