Monday, 5 March 2018

Things To Keep in Mind While Using Node.js

While JavaScript is primarily occupying the web development space with new frameworks and enhancement tools, Node.js surfaced as another open source runtime JavaScript framework that assists developers to create real-time web applications. With its advent, JavaScript found its place into the server and gradually it started earning recognition as a mature server language, compelling large to small corporate and businesses to use it. PHPProgrammers being a reputed company in web development space houses a great team of Node js developers in Sydney, that helps business houses and companies that are looking forward to mark their digital presence to have a vivid web application.

However, before you delve into the idea of developing your web application using Node.js and appoint a developer, here are few things you should be considering.

#1 Run different function ‘In Parallel’

The web application might be needing various internal calls to the APIs for getting the data. But, a great way to solve this issue is using different middleware for separate functions. Node offers the most effective way to address this and that is to use parallel features.

#2 Use of caching

If your developers are adept at Node.js then make sure they use its caching feature. In case your web app needs to fetch some data often which are not subjected to changes, then caching it highly useful as it improves the overall performance of the application, including loading speed.

#3 Client-side delivery is recommended 

Node.js being both way framework supporting client-side as well as server-side application, is highly preferred by developers. While letting Node.js server-side rendering will require you sending back HTML page every time for every request, it is advised to use client-side rendering as it saves bandwidth and greatly decreases the latency.

#4 Keeping code small and light

One great way to optimise the performance of the web applications is to minify and concatenate the multiple JS files into a single file. If the application bears 4 files, then the browser will create separate HTTP requests for fetching each of the files. This, for preventing this and reducing the wait time, it is suggested to minify and concatenate all files into a streamlined one.

Keeping these crucial things will help you create a performance-oriented and optimal application for your company. No doubt, our team of Node.js experts adhere to these compelling facts while developing applications for the clients. If you are serious about getting your app developed with this frontrunning cross-platform JavaScript platform, then connect to us at our website and start ahead!

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Thursday, 8 February 2018

Top Free Magento 2 Extensions to Boost The Site Performance

The main purpose of installing different extensions and plugins is to boost the overall performance of a website. In today’s tech-savvy market, plenty of Magento extensions are available. Here is a list of top Magento 2 extensions that you can get without spending a single penny. These extensions would not only make your Magento website more powerful but would also help to boost the overall business productivity as well as prospects. PHPProgrammers is a well-discussed name in the web development sector of Sydney. If you are looking for professional Magento developers in Sydney who would help you to enhance the digital presence of your business at an affordable budget, PHPProgrammers is the right place to contact.

#1 Magento 2 Banner Slider

To diminish the headache of on-site promotion, this extension is absolutely is a must-have one for a Magento 2 website. Some of the remarkable features of this extension are
  • You can put the banner in 36 different positions on the website.
  • It would provide a detailed report analysing which you would be able to take better decisions accordingly.
  • You can create various types of a banner having diverse effects.
From the point of view of the Admin panel, some other crucial features are available. They are
Preview the selected position
  • Creating banners with image, URL along with other necessary information
  • One would be able to create customised banner by integrating custom codes
  • Special sliders like pop-ups and notes can be configured to serve special purposes

#2 Free Live Chat Extension

Nowadays, the free live chat option is very trending in the market. Most of the websites are integrating this feature to provide the visitors better assistance resulting in improved customer relationship management. Some incredible features of this free extension have been mentioned below.
  • Visitors can state their pain points and issues here. You would be able to take instant actions to resolve their issues.
  • Whether from a mobile or from a PC or from a tablet - you can stay connected with your visitors and customers from anywhere.
  • You can get a real-time view of the visitors on your site. This would help you to gain pivotal insights.

#3 Magento 2 Search Autocomplete Extension

Read on to know what amazing features you can avail using this particular free Magento 2 extension.
  • Caching benefits of smart search queries.
  • It displays the ‘Add to Cart’ button just to the right of the search results.
  • It includes sufficient product details like image, price, ratings or review along with the SKU.
  • Suggested searches.
  • It provides the feature of configuring the delay period in a search.
  • It instantly shows the search result in the format of AJAX popup that is customisable.

Apart from all the aforementioned useful Magento 2 extensions, for enabling the social login feature on the website, you can install Magento 2 Social Login Extension. To provide better Admin support, Reindex from Backend for Magento 2 is a good choice. In order to make the checkout process easier, you can go with the great Magento 2 extension - Checkout Suite for Magento 2.

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Friday, 5 January 2018

Blend Your Web Application With Zend To Gain Serenity in Business

In the past years, enterprises or businesses are choosing conventional and time-worn PHP frameworks for creating a website or web application that would serve their business purpose well. However, the time has fast changed and nowadays businesses need something more innovative and out of the way and exceptional in their websites or applications to beat the hell out of the competition. In this regard, Zend as a PHP framework has gained enough name and repute in the web development space for helping developers to create star-studded and multifaceted web applications or websites for the businesses.  If you are thinking to hire Zend programmers for your upcoming website venture, then know the following facts about the framework.

 #1 Zend is most preferred for applications of  all scales

Zend in one of few frameworks known to favour the development of both small and large-sized enterprise applications with robust features. It's features of agility, fine-tuned development and great community support make it a prominent choice for the businesses.

#2 Databases support and MVC components inclusion

The Zend framework offers exclusive support for most prevailing databases like Oracle, MySQL and the Model View Controller (MVC) design inclusion is one of the crucial advantages of the framework. MVC is a much-needed aspect for web-development because of its capability to differentiate the layer of user presentation and data logic. Altogether, Zend makes application of MVC pattern as seamless as possible.

#3 Different predefined classes

Web developers get the option to create strong and feature-packed web applications with Zend’s well-stocked library and rich extended predefined classes. These provide the option to the developers to use from the components of libraries and classes to deck up their websites with as much customisation as needed.

Apart from these undeniable benefits of Zend, there are certain facts that make it a desired framework for developers and businesses who are novice in the web world.

  • Zend comes with a number of add-ons that are absolutely free of cost apart from the expensive ones that one need in application development.
  • Visionaries in the web world consider Zend as the greatest collection of predefined classes apart from a framework for web application development.
  • For  Zend, the learning curve is inevitably positively sloped with steepness which implies the framework has been persistently going through modifications, updates or reformations since its inception to bring more creativity in the applications.

Adhering to the above pointers, you may consider pitching in with a reliable and experienced web development partner who can build effective, feature-rich and cost-friendly applications with this forerunner PHP framework. Without a doubt, Zend still lingers to be the winning framework among the businesses. You can team up with adept Zend developers at PHPProgrammers, one of the earmarked companies for PHP programming and development solutions in Australia that has immense contribution in developing resilient and flexible websites or web applications. 

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Friday, 15 December 2017

Quintessential Guide to Pace up the Loading Speed of Your Websites

Many website owners still now think that the loading-speed of the websites does not matter much. The content, design, layout, services and approach are the chief things that matter on a website. It’s time for them to think on this seriously because researches show a sharply different scenario. About 40% of users leave a site if it takes over three seconds to load. A considerable percentage of viewers leave when they experience a slower performance of a website and seek for alternative sites in the search engines. As there are abundant of businesses or sites in the alike category, it is evident that you are going to lose a notable percentage of your potential visitors if you do not make your site faster in performance. If you own a site for your business but have not been getting visitors as expected, then it is due to its slackening speed. Hire professional PHP developers from a trusted web development agency that has a great hold on different PHP web frameworks and get your site load with lightning fast speed.

Before that, take a look at the following guidelines on effective ways to amplify the speed of a website without affecting its other features.

#1 Diminishing HTTP requests

An effective way of streamlining the performance of a web page is minimising its times of round trips, which the web browser have to complete to the reach the server. All files in the website including CSS or images have to be loaded earlier into the browser. Thus, minimising the number of these server requests by eliminating some of the irrelevant elements on each page, you can cut down the loading time.

#2 Decreasing the response time of server

Server response time that is always ideal is 200ms or milliseconds and that helps surely in reducing the loading time of websites.

#3 Enable caching as much possible

Web caching is crucial for streamlining the performance of a website, including its loading speed. While caching is a kind of temporary storage provided for the web pages that help in decreasing the bandwidth and improving performance. Thus, enabling this mechanism will save the server time and make loading faster as the cached version of the site served up whenever a visitor comes to the site.

#4 Optimise image sizes
According to experts, more than half of site’s page weight is of the images it supports. Thus, the larger the sizes of images, the more time it will take while loading. All the images must be optimized to a correct size and formats, without compromising their quality. The most relevant way is to decrease down an image size with the help of a proper editor.  JPEG, PNG and GIFs are some of the best-supported formats for images that help in increasing website speeds.

#5 Reducing the use of plugins
Excessive plugins slacken the speed of the site, results in security issues and even cause it to crash. Websites owners are thus advised to weed out unnecessary plugins to improve its speed.
While some of the above measures are quite easy to deploy, most of them require the expert help of PHP web developers to fix all the speed obstacles on a website. If you are willing to amplify the speed or performance of your existing website, then feel free to get in touch with PHPProgrammers, a visionary web development company in Australia having a great feat in a range of PHP frameworks. 

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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Key Features You Need For Impressive Product Pages on Your Site

Becoming an online retailer does not seem to be simple. While on one end, you need to be cautious of the performance of the store, on the other end you need to be particular about how the product pages look like. There are numerable platforms for eCommerce development,  OpenCart, being a prior one to help you get a stellar website built right way keeping your customers in mind. However, you sure have a great list of products to showcase and manage on your site. For that, you need to take care of the viability of your product pages to your target customers. Although you need to hire OpenCart developers or other eCommerce developers for assuring that, here’s a short list of the features you need to consider while creating the product pages of your site.

#1 Product title

This is the foremost crucial point to consider while listing a product and a catchy and convenient product title will allow the search engines to index in an appropriate way. Also, forget not to apply the H1 tag for your titles, as it keeps a higher ranking of the page.

#2 Images

Images are more persuasive than the titles in case of eCommerce product listings as customers firstly look for images to make the decisions to purchase. Images are the first element on your product page that customers can be impressed with. So, ensure that you are only putting high-quality images for every product and that too from different angles.

#3 Price & Availability details

Many eCommerce merchants make the mistake of not mentioning prices, discounts, shipping and surcharges as clearly as possible on the product pages. This hamper sale in a big way as customers can switch away from the checkout when they see that total paid amount surpasses their expectations. Thus, you need to mention the exact prices on your page. Besides, you need to also show the availability of products.

#4  Payment and shipping methods
Online shopping convenience depends on the shipping and payment modes and hence you need to precise about it on your product page. Customers must get to know about the available modes of payments and shipping details. This information are vital as they manipulate purchasing decisions.

#5 Detailing of products
A product page is useless despite good images and title if there is no proper detailing or descriptions of the same. Online customers are way smarter and do not buy anything without complete details regarding the product materials, features, sizes, etc.  They are not going to buy until they are convinced enough about the product from its details. Thus, make sure you have every detail and mention it alongside the product.

Rolling up things, these are the must-have facets of every product page which assure to grab up the major attention of the buyers on the site and convince them to purchase. The only way to assure that is to have a trusted development partner by your side. Get in touch with PHPProgrammers, acclaimed and Australia-based websites and eCommerce development firm and let their expert team do all the thing for you.

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Friday, 3 November 2017

5 Top-notch PHP Frameworks For Seamless Applications Development

Undeniably, PHP is the trailblazing and most convenient scripting language at present assuring the agile development of large and small-scale web applications. It makes the development process outwardly lucid and simple, reduce down overall costs and time for development. That’s why businesses all over the world hire PHP programmers from eminent companies to use this programming language. However, the increasing level of complexities in the web projects has made it necessary to code right from the scratch. To add some comfort to the methodology of development, there emerged a number of PHP frameworks that help in writing and structuring codes, besides making it easier to comply MVC.

While there’s no denying that a right PHP framework is the only way to embark on applications development successfully, here’s a list of best of the frameworks trending now in the market.

#1 Laravel

Many claims that Laravel is the best framework for developing PHP applications because of its exceptionally built ecosystem with prior hosting and close to perfect documentation. Also, the framework comes with robust functions like light-weight “Blade” template engine, caching, queueing, elegant syntax etc. that give away to faster development, especially for large-scale applications.

#2 Zend

It is one of the earmarked frameworks with an object-oriented style that acknowledges latest PHP advancements and make development less reliant on other components as each can be deployed separately. Further, the exclusive set of libraries of Zend provide developers with scalable and seamless development.

#3 CakePHP

Being one of the oldest frameworks in the market, incepted 10 years ago, it's impressively great for any kind of web projects and has a growing active community. Likewise other PHP frameworks, it too deploys MVC architectural pattern and it is ultra level easy for developers to learn and work upon. While it is much more advanced now with enhanced sessions management and an expanded number of libraries, it is also a most sought-after framework for its great security features like input validation, prevention of cross-site scripting.

#4 Symfony
The components of Symfony too are much impressive, making it reliable for most kind of projects and it is backed by a wide developer community. Its component is identified as reusable PHP libraries for which one can execute different programs, from form creation, configuration to authentication and routing. Apart from these, its biggest advantage is the support for multiple databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL database and others.

#5 CodeIgniter
Having a long-term experience amongst other PHP frameworks, CodeIgniter is a winning solution when there are possible conflicts in the minds of business owners on different versions of PHP. It is the easiest in terms of installation, needs least configuration and works perfectly on every platform. Thus, inevitably this framework is suitable for all those who want to work without any limits as it offers infinite avenues for creativity.

While each platform has its own pros and cons, you need to stick to one that gives the best of solutions adhering to your project needs. However, the only way is to choose a company that is reliable enough and provides you with some eminent PHP experts. So, do not hesitate to reach for PHPProgrammers, one of pioneered website solutions providers in Australia, and we develop stellar projects for businesses and startups.

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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

How to Enhance the Product Category Pages in Magento Sites

No doubt, product category pages are of utmost crucial for each and every eCommerce sites. Especially, when a site is built with Magento, a prior platform that emphasises more on page optimisation for greater visibility in search engines, you need to more discreet while creating a product category page as it is the key to encourage visitors to purchase. Thus, getting product category fixed rightly is a dire necessity for every eCommerce website and if you are inclined to the platform Magento, then get in touch with a devoted company for an expert Magento developer in Sydney, such as PHPProgrammers, which is an acclaimed web development company. But before that, here are some of the popular recommendations for you to make an excellent product category page in your eCommerce site.

Making search easier

Shoppers in your website will first seek for the search box to find the products of their choice. So, it is pivotal to provide them search options in the box that prove best for their shopping experience. Firstly, place the search in the most appropriate and convenient place on the page, and then optimise all its functions, like typing corrections, automatic product suggestions, and filtration with application of multiple attributes.

Taking care of SEO aspects

You may be aware that online customers tend to click on the first options displayed in the search engines when they type for a particular product. Thus, it is recommended to every eCommerce merchants out there to boost their SEO activity to the point that their site’s products appear in the top results. It’s not a simple and instant process though. Owners and marketers need to put in great efforts to research on the keywords related to their products that people mostly search with and optimise them to boost rankings.

Impressive product titles

Regardless of how many products you are showing under one product category, make sure that all of them are named with an impressive title, along with brand name and model number if needed.

Prominent Call to Action
A website that does not place a clear button or tab for Call-to-Action on the product category pages, it can lose a number of potential customers. Not always, all customers click on the image for buying but instead look for a Call-to-Action button. Thus, to avoid wasting their time, make sure you provide such a button under each category.

Improving indexation
Try adding a short description for each of the product categories in your Magento store and you can manage categories from the “Catalog” option only. Also, putting alt text under product images with essential keywords will help your category page rise up in the higher ranking positions in search engines.

These tips can help your site’s product category pages gain more visibility and drive more customers than ever. So, if you are thinking why your store is not attracting enough audience try implementing these and see your visitors number soaring up high in few days.

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