Thursday, 30 June 2016

Resolving 3 Common Problems on Magento eCommerce Websites

The CMS platform Magento is exceptionally popular among web developers and there are just innumerable web portals that are powered by it. However, this never means that techies do not come across any challenge while developing magento ecommerce websites. Thankfully, these challenges are easy to resolve, provided one knows the correct solutions. On the other hand, if one is not proficient enough to tackle the issues, it is more likely that the project will go for a toss in course of time.  

Common problems on Magento websites:

Configuring Magento with a new domain
The most common problem that  techies face is configuring Magento with a new domain. Suppose, your Magento website is configured with and you want to switch over to
As any skillful Magento expert will agree, there are actually two ways to get it done. These are as mentioned below:

  • Either, you go to MySQL Manager (or, PHPMyAdmin) and select your database. Then, find the table named core_config_data and click on it.
  • There you locate the web/unsecure/base_url and web/secure/base_url entries.
  • Finally, you replace the old domain name with the new one and click the GO button to save the change.

Resting the Magento ADMIN Password
There are instances when one forgets the admin password. The CMS platform provides an easy way to reset the admin password.

  • In order to get it done, you land either on PHPMyAdmin or MySQL Manager.  
  • There you select your Magento database and find the table named admin_user.
  • Finally, you change the existing password with the new one and please remember to insert the newly set password in MD5 function.

Enabling search engine-friendly URLs
It is indeed easy to enable search engine-friendly URLs in Magento websites.
  • For this you first log into your Magento admin.
  • Then you go to System>Configuration and click on Webin left panel.
  • On the next step, click on Search Engine Optimisation and turn on the Use Web Server Rewrites.
  • Lastly, click on the Save Config button  and your purpose will be served.
Developing Magento ecommerce websites is an excellent idea, specially in the present scenario. Discarding this CMS platform, just because of a few technical issues, actually does not contribute to productivity.

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