Monday, 22 August 2016

Ensure Extensive Functionality of Online Stores with ZenCart

There was a time when, eCommerce development solutions were limited to few numbers only. But with the refinement of technology, a series of online store platforms have come into the picture. This has led people to explore a number of options which, often lead them to face a confusion while choosing the right platform. Amongst the top eCommerce platforms available in the industry, Zencart serves as a promising one which, helps online merchants to build enterprise-class web applications.  

ZenCart eCommerce developers
ZenCart eCommerce developers

Talking about ZenCart, the installation and upgradation system is quite easy. While installing this platform, you will be able to see that the installers will be checking the database requirements and server. Following here are some of the most beneficial benefits of ZenCart being discussed.

This feature serves to be very useful to the online merchants when they want to sell products within a specific area in support of shipping methods, multiple tax rates, currencies, languages and payment methods.

Customer management
It’s very easy with this platform. Customers can view the product merchandise and place an order quite easily. All customer information is being stored in database, such that they can login again for shopping or ordering something else. Considering the default standards, users can set 5 billing addresses in this platform. In case, they want to get newsletters and notifications of the sorted out products, they can opt for availing the subscriptions.

Sales, promotions and discounts
Every ZenCart-built online shopping cart supports sales, discounts and promotions the store owners can set special sale offers and reduction in prices of products easily. They can even directly send coupons to the customers via the email system of ZenCart.

Products & Categories
You can add the nested and unlimited categories and products in this platform. It offers ability of moving or copying a production to a separate category to the administrators. The online merchants can include both physical and digital merchandise and can set a wide range of attributes to products.

Customizable templates
The template system of this platform is compliant enough with XHTML 1.0. You can change the fonts, graphics and many more by deploying CSS. You can seamlessly handle the side-boxes via an administration option.

Moreover, this effective platform of ZenCart eCommerce comes with a series of additional options like administration tools, third party modules and many more. Being the perfecto for large scale and mid-sized businesses, it allows online merchants to instigate functionality into their online stores, which would result in improved user experiences.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

4 Key Aspects that Signify Magento as the Top eCommerce Platform

Considering the recent times, the startup eCommerce retailers are in extreme pressure for keeping pace with the standards set by bigger players including eBay, Amazon, Alibaba and many more. Moreover, the experience in the field of trade makes it pretty difficult to commence a business. Numerous startups are being deploying Magento extensions for the online startup stores because of its wide range of benefits. 

But, have you ever wondered that; why Magento has been able to stand out from the crowd of popular eCommerce platforms? Is it because of the more features, easy to customize, easier to scale, provides better support or perhaps all of the aforesaid are true? Following here is the reason unravelled.

Option for setting up multiple stores
You can operate several stores under one single admin panel by deploying this platform. The ‘one click’ solution which, this platform lets you to manage the stores very easily. You can have the same ‘ease-of-use’, regardless of the number of stores you have. Magento eCommerce development lets you have numerous security certificates, domain names and IP addresses.

Customizable themes
You are being provided with the option of customizing the store in the way you wish and obtain any template for the appearance you desire. Magento allows you to switch in between a permanent design of the store and a season-specific temporary design. In accordance to whatever fits the business best, you need to load a series of different themes.
Good for marketing
Magento offers a series of effective tools like up-sells and cross-sells which, provide inducement to users for buying more number of products. Thus, it helps in generation of revenue and sales. It offers search-engine friendly URLs which, are good for marketing and it’s easier to drive the customers use flexible rules of pricing which, Magento has.

Easy option for ordering
The business can get better ROI by availing the easy ordering options which, you can offer the users through Magento. A Magento-built website lets you develop, view, edit and deliver the orders from the admin interface. It provides many things including several invoices and mailing addresses. The users can also be able to see the complete transaction history.

From the aforesaid discussion, it’s pretty clear that Magento is the leading open source eCommerce platform across the world. While having the competence of dealing with several online stores, it’s extremely good for marketing. It has a series of customizable themes and provide users with tracking options and Google Analytics. It provides easy ordering options, thereby offering users with better browsing options for which, Magento eCommerce is being considered as the superior choice of proficient web developers across the domain.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

PHP: The Perfect Platform to Build Highly-functional Websites

Are you in search of a web-based solution for the business, but confused about which particular language or platform to use? Well nowadays, dynamic web development is what every other organization is looking for. To keep pace with the rising demand meter, numerous open source platforms are being used across the globe and PHP is one of the most promising among them. It hosts a series of benefits and thus, is being considered as an efficient development language.  
With this platform, it is easy to customize the task of web development. Flexibility and ease of use are two most salient features of PHP development. Here, we have discussed with the promising aspects of developing your website by deploying the PHP framework.

Free of cost

It is an open source platform which, is updated and developed by a team of developers across the globe. Thus, all the elements of this platform are extendable and free-to-use. 
Extensive capability
It can be used for designing robust and impressive websites, which can handle a lot of traffic. Twitter, Facebook and Wikipedia and various other popular websites mostly use PHP as their deployed framework in the task of web development. Moreover, because of its server-scripting features, it can perform multiple tasks similar to the CGI programs.

It comes with an easily understandable and readable syntax. Its code is being embedded in the HTML source code which, is being based on C++/C. Thus, it is quite user-friendly and can be comfortably coded by the programmers.

Faster development
It deploys its own memory space which, aids in decreasing the workload and loading time from the server. Moreover, the processing speed is quick and web applications such as CRM, eCommerce, Forums and CMS can be developed in a faster way.

Supports a series of major databases
It offers extensive support to all major databases like dBase, MySQL, FrontBase, InterBase, IBM DB2, SQLite, ODBC, PostgreSQL and many more.

PHP is being used across the globe for over 2 decades since its launch in the year 1995. Being trusted by experienced developers, it is being proven as an efficient platform because of its versatility and capability to develop and maintain highly-functional websites. Thus, hire PHP developers to develop your website in the most effective way, thereby ensuring to hold a strong online presence.