Monday, 22 August 2016

Ensure Extensive Functionality of Online Stores with ZenCart

There was a time when, eCommerce development solutions were limited to few numbers only. But with the refinement of technology, a series of online store platforms have come into the picture. This has led people to explore a number of options which, often lead them to face a confusion while choosing the right platform. Amongst the top eCommerce platforms available in the industry, Zencart serves as a promising one which, helps online merchants to build enterprise-class web applications.  

ZenCart eCommerce developers
ZenCart eCommerce developers

Talking about ZenCart, the installation and upgradation system is quite easy. While installing this platform, you will be able to see that the installers will be checking the database requirements and server. Following here are some of the most beneficial benefits of ZenCart being discussed.

This feature serves to be very useful to the online merchants when they want to sell products within a specific area in support of shipping methods, multiple tax rates, currencies, languages and payment methods.

Customer management
It’s very easy with this platform. Customers can view the product merchandise and place an order quite easily. All customer information is being stored in database, such that they can login again for shopping or ordering something else. Considering the default standards, users can set 5 billing addresses in this platform. In case, they want to get newsletters and notifications of the sorted out products, they can opt for availing the subscriptions.

Sales, promotions and discounts
Every ZenCart-built online shopping cart supports sales, discounts and promotions the store owners can set special sale offers and reduction in prices of products easily. They can even directly send coupons to the customers via the email system of ZenCart.

Products & Categories
You can add the nested and unlimited categories and products in this platform. It offers ability of moving or copying a production to a separate category to the administrators. The online merchants can include both physical and digital merchandise and can set a wide range of attributes to products.

Customizable templates
The template system of this platform is compliant enough with XHTML 1.0. You can change the fonts, graphics and many more by deploying CSS. You can seamlessly handle the side-boxes via an administration option.

Moreover, this effective platform of ZenCart eCommerce comes with a series of additional options like administration tools, third party modules and many more. Being the perfecto for large scale and mid-sized businesses, it allows online merchants to instigate functionality into their online stores, which would result in improved user experiences.


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