Sunday, 11 September 2016

Shopify: The Robust Platform to Power Enterprise-class eCommerce Stores

The world of eCommerce is rapidly increasing and the fad is about to continue in the recent years to come as well. For many of us, the allure of digital retail is noted to be too lucrative. Thus, if you are to be addressed in the camp of business owners and willing to branch out into the online store, Shopify can serve as the ideal platform.

There are endless eCommerce platforms to be chosen from, however, Shopify comes as a powerful source for the startups.

# It’s easy to use
Shopify is certainly helpful in resolving the web-hosting and coding issues which, you need to face on the eCommerce site. It means extensive technical expertise is not required for launching an online store. Shopify exemplifies ‘Keep-It-Simple-Stupid’ (KISS), thereby allowing the entrepreneurs to focus on the core operations and not on technical aspects of the shopping cart and website management.

# It’s hosted
With this platform, you don’t need any software for installing it on your server or computer. The online cart is fully hosted by deploying this platform as, they take care of the regular website logistic issues including payment gateway, management and hosting. The system helps in organizing client information for marketing purposes, thereby keeping a close eye on the inventory. Apart from all the technical benefits, you need to consider the bottom line as follows: no hosting costs, no software update and lesser time consumption.

# Reliability
While considering the mere cost of this platform compared to other self-hosted solutions, doesn’t convince you much, considering the significant benefit of reliability boasted by Shopify can serve you right.

Make note of the fact that: whenever the servers are down, the potential customers get displeased because of not being able to buy the products. Addressing this concern, this platform aids in taking care of the mundane server maintenance along with upgrades for keeping the shopping cart available, thereby loading quickly.

#Robust Security
Businesses, especially startups are specifically vulnerable to data breaches and hackers since, they tend to focus more on signing up users and raising money and lesser on data security. When this platform powers an online store, it helps to deal with security upgrades, security compliance and hacker protection.

Along with these features, this platform comes with less customizability, content management, service lock-in, better loading speed and wide scale integration. Thus, if you are one of those entrepreneurs with the urge of developing powerful and robust eCommerce stores and fuel up your business revenue, then hire Shopify developers and attain utmost success.

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