Thursday, 27 October 2016

3 Reasons to Consider ZenCart as the Reliable eCommerce Platform

There is a series of online shopping cart solutions which, host a development infrastructure starting from analytics to programming. However, ZenCart primarily focuses on the specific requirements of online buyers and online merchants. Not only it’s an open source platform but, also the ZenCart integration to the POS (Point of Sale) is quite easy.

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Why ZenCart
With ZenCart, the task of eCommerce development becomes easy thereby, making the online shopping experience quite convenient. However, all other online shopping carts are focussed on programming efficiency instead of being focussed on customers’ requirements.  It’s being managed by an ever-growing community of developers and entrepreneurs around the globe.

Following here are some of the most sufficient features of ZenCart for which, it is being considered to be the ideal powerhouse for developing your online store.

eCommerce features
Developing a ZenCart store is quite easy and quick for the non-technical users. There is a range of language options which, make it pretty user-friendly. There are numerous downloadable, custom add-ons which, can be integrated by providing an edge over competition.
It provides you with the ability to include unlimited number of products to the online store. You will be able to sell the items and ship them easily to the buyers. The buyers can even choose their prefered shipping mode of transport or carrier. Moreover, they will be able to choose their prefered payment gateway for processing the payments as well. It’s also possible to develop your online store as per your choice and the nation you are selling to. This platform has made it possible for entrepreneurs to develop an online store as per their prefered time zone, currency, language and taxes.

Full-fledged control
A significant advantage of this platform is; it can extensively customized and offer you the freedom to host the online store across any server. This in turn, will enable you to attain full control over the store.

Apart from development of eCommerce store, keeping track on performance becomes quite easy. You will be able to see the products which, are mostly on demand by deploying the basic reporting functions. All these functions let you analyze demand for certain product items, their search volumes and total number of orders being placed by the various product categories. Moreover, as an entrepreneur, you will be able to place banners, add gift cards, coupons, send email marketing newsletters and check have logged in by deploying the eCommerce tools of this platform.

Thus, if you are willing to upgrade the efficiency standards of your existing online store, thereby making it more user-friendly or want to develop a trendsetting eCommerce store from the very scratch, then seek for professionalized assistance of an adroit ZenCart developer of PHPProgrammers, a Sydney-based eCommerce development company.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Deploy the Key Features of OsCommerce for eCommerce Development

Are you willing to build a secure and safe online business which, also ensures traffic? Well, if that’s the need of the hour for you, then we at PHPProgrammers have got you covered. To make your products and services go viral, OsCommerce can serve as the right option. 

Os commerce developer

Developing an online business requires extensive planning and detailed note of specifications. Thus, it requires the deployment of such an application which, needs both security and flexibility. OsCommerce is a platform which, combines both. Adhering to this fact, following here are some of its promising benefits discussed.

Extensive customization
Every eCommerce store is objected to drive maximum number of customers to it. Thus, the development process of your online store certainly needs to be precise. Thus, every single detail including the layouts, themes or templates must be considered while attaining the greatest benefit of OsCommerce customization. Since, it comes with countless features, thus, you can experiment with your site as per your choice.

Backing of Several Gateways
It’s possible that the store might miss out on clients in case, the payment gateway is not able to accept the purchaser’s money. This in turn, will lead you to fetch negative customer reviews. However with this eCommerce platform, you will be able to affiliate the online store with a wide range of payment gateways like Pay nova, PayPal, Sage pay, Authorise.Net which, facilitate secured transactions.

Open source advantage
With the advantage of OsCommerce, you will be able to enjoy profitable online emporium at a reasonable price. The most beneficial part to invest in this platform is that you don’t need to pay the licensing fee. With this open source platform, you will be able to enjoy the advantages of swift downloading activities and easy installation.

Efficient Product Management System
OsCommerce customization offers you the flexibility to manage the product and service merchandise as per your choice. The store owner will be provided with the ability to record details of the most sold-out products and most liked items by the customers in your online store. Thus, seeking assistance of OsCommerce developers will actually help you to develop the online store along with customers tracking systems and several purchase options.

Thus, over time, it has gained wide recognition as an appropriate choice for developing robust online stores. Noticeably, the basic languages being used for OsCommerce development are MySQL and PHP. One of the core benefits of it is the additional functionality which, can be integrated well with the online shopping carts. All these types of functionalities facilitate better online store management and seamless customization and emerging as more SEO-friendly.