Thursday, 5 January 2017

3 Feature-packed Themes to Augment Your WooCommerce Online Store

WordPress powers around 25% of the Internet and the numbers are increasing every single day. There are several reasons why WordPress is recognized as the most preferred Content Management System (CMS) irrespective of whether the task is associated with building a social network, a blogging site or an eCommerce store. 
With the eCommerce industry being at its peak, entrepreneurs are willing to invest more in this sector and while considering an affordable option for eCommerce development, WordPress surely tops the list while integrated with its WooCommerce plugin. Because of the increased number of WooCommerce-built eCommerce stores, it has become more important to make your store look unique and gain maximum customer acceptance. Keeping this in mind, here are some of the most attractive WooCommerce themes, which, if installed on your store properly can deliver you the maximum of your investment.

Shapely - One Page WordPress Theme

Shapely is a popular free one page WordPress theme which, supports all sorts of free and premium WordPress plugins including WooCommerce such that you can build the eCommerce store for free.
Being a fully responsive theme, it can be customized as per your requirements since, it comes with dozens of options for customization as well. Furthermore, you will be able to edit the footer copyrights, colours of elements and much more.


This is another responsive free WordPress theme which, supports WooCommerce along with various other WordPress plugins such that creating the eCommerce store becomes much easy, thereby minimizing the expenditure.
It provides a new feature slider which, is powered by FlexSlider and support Infinite Scroll that loads the content ‘on the fly’. Dynamic customization allows you to choose individual text fonts, element colours, side bars, button colours and much more.

SaleJunction - eCommerce ready WordPress Theme

It is a free retro style WP theme, which is mostly suited for fashion based online stores to attract more visitors and boost their business. This particular theme comes with floating bar, shopping cart and 7 different colour themes.  
It supports WooCommerce and different other eCommerce plugins as well. Furthermore, it features a slider view which, can be used as a showcase across multiple product categories.

With such a range of WooCommerce themes available for the online merchants, it becomes much easier to add that extra spark to your website which, drives more customers. Furthermore, with the skill set and technical expertise of a WooCommerce programmer, it becomes much helpful to develop a highly functional and attractive online store that would ultimately drive success to your business. 

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