Sunday, 22 January 2017

How Can A Responsive Website Skyrocket Your Online Business?

With nearly 2 billion people using mobile phones and devices, it became mandatory for the eCommerce businesses now to have highly responsive websites. As mobile searches rely mostly on speed and convenience, it implies that searchers quickly switch to another site if they cannot quickly find out what they want in a particular site. Thus, responsive sites that can be easily accessed in any devices apart from desktops became crucial for online retailers to target vast customer base.

Here follows are the core advantages attributed to a responsive site of online business.

Enhanced accessibility

Smartphones are becoming a basic necessity in everyone’s life with the increase in their affordability. More people are searching for their products or services through mobiles or tablets because it is more convenient and quick. So, you need to ensure that your eCommerce website can be accessed by your target customers from even smartphones or tablets.

Rise in Conversions

Besides the rise in the number of mobile users who can access your site, enhanced responsiveness leads to easy navigation across your website irrespective of the screen resolutions or browser type people are using.  This leads to rise in rate of conversions from visitors to loyal customers when they see navigating through your site is convenient.

Improved SEO rankings

Major search engines including Google prefer ranking sites that are mobile friendly. So, automatically you can raise your search engine ranking if you switch to a mobile responsive website.

Stay Ahead in Competition
If you cannot provide a smooth experience to users of small screen devices, you are bound to lose your customers to the competitors who offer the same. So, stay ahead in the race of eCommerce by having a responsive eCommerce site that offers a seamless experience.

Simplify Marketing approaches
With a responsive site for your business, you will no more need separate marketing campaigns for desktops and mobile devices.  A single approach to marketing will be sufficient for targeting audiences from different platforms.

Maintain consistency of your brand
When you have online one site that can be accessed both from desktop and mobiles, you can have a consistent brand image for your business. If a similar outlook or feel is maintained in all platforms, there is no scope for your brand being confused as different in desktops and other devices.

Summing Up
Small-screens friendly or responsive eCommerce site pave the path of success of your online business. What you need is the right assistance from adept eCommerce website developers who can make your site equally responsive in all platforms. So, get in touch with PHPProgrammmers, that possesses some of the highly professional Magento eCommerce programmers in Sydney who have hands-on experience in developing responsive websites for retailers.
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