Wednesday, 1 February 2017

5 Features That Can Escalate Sales of Your Online Fashion Store

Online fashion stores are growing fast than any other categories of eCommerce business and are offering a reliable option for startups and enterprises to generate substantial revenue. While creating an online site has become much easier with open-source platforms like Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, ZenCart and so forth, entrepreneurs often forget that much more can be done on their store to offer an enriching and engaging experience to the customers or visitors and enhance the scope for sales.   
Here are some of the best and proven techniques that can help you to spur up sales by tempting visitors to buy your products.

Vibrant Images

Your website’s homepage is the first place to display your stocks of products. So, do not overcrowd your first page with lots of text and images, but keep it simple and appealing with big banners and best images of some of your popular products, with some compelling slogans. Make use of icons in the main menu of shopping categories, instead of using an extended layered navigation.

Create A Main Dropdown Menu

To keep things simple and enable your customers to find the product they want, create a mega-menu with a drop-down feature, that will show different categories and subcategories of products. Product categories and subcategories when displayed at one place offers more convenience to the users to browse for a particular product and retain their interests.

Embed Product videos

Providing a clear and simple video review of the product can attract more customers by providing realistic information. Videos let your customers visualise the product in a real situation and so they can realise the utility of the product beforehand. Magento offers an extension of product video gallery with which you can feature videos in the product gallery of your site.

Relevant Product Descriptions
This is the most crucial but also the least costly method of enhancing conversions of the online store. Put clear but very short descriptions of your products, and include only relevant things about the product. Do not try to be more creative when it comes to describing a product, as it may become difficult for the audiences to understand.

There’s a lot of room for improving your online site’s appearance further to attract visitors and turn them to potential buyers. These are some of the prerequisites that clearly help in driving traffic to your website, but what you need is the assistance of eCommerce website developers who can assure you such service. PHPProgrammers boasts of a team of professional Magento developers adept at building robust solutions for online shopping stores for different industries including fashion. So, reach us now and deploy these strategies to boost up the sales of the one-stop fashion shop at affordable costs.

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