Sunday, 5 March 2017

3 Most Effective Tips to Secure Your OpenCart eCommerce Store

With the increasing number of cyber breaches and attacks, security of your OpenCart-built eCommerce store might be at great risk. It has become a prudent choice for online merchants to ensure the website’s security as because it deals with great number of transactions and customer credentials throughout the day. Any loophole in the security infrastructure of your OpenCart website will not only threat to your revenue but, also affect your company’s image and reputation adversely.
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At PHPProgrammers, being a trusted eCommerce development company in Australia, we always try to come up with unique solutions for developing, maintaining and upgrading their websites. Thus, following here are some of the most effective tips recommended by our skilled OpenCart developer in Sydney which would help you to boost security of your OpenCart powered online store.
 Tip 1: Secure the Config Files
It is of prime importance to check whether the config files are secured or not. If the hackers get in track of the config files then, they will be able to get details of both your site’s structure and database as well. You must keep the files secure and safe.

Tip 2: Deleting the Installation Folder of OpenCart
It’s mostly a common tip for almost every software being installed on the website, however, it is ideal to delete the folder of installation as well once, everything is executed and in run. This eCommerce platform hosts a little error message that pops up in case the folder is present in the Admin folder even after its installation. Thus, it is better to delete it to prevent other people getting the access to reset all your connections and overwrite your hard work.  

Tip 3: Hide the PHP errors of OpenCart
It’s beneficial to see the errors being displayed on the web page in case something goes wrong which, will further allow you to figure out what requires proper fixing. However, it can be beneficial even for the hackers. You need to turn this feature off by signing into the admin area , then go to System - Settings - Edit - Server and switch the option of ‘Display Errors’ to No. You will be able to see the error log at all times even by looking at the link provided down in the page as well.

Having these tips in consideration, it becomes much easy for online merchants to ensure strict security of their eCommerce store. This in turn, would certainly help you to offer a seamless and secured online shopping experience to customers and let your business grow as well. 


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