Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Features That Customers Seek in Shopping Sites

Managing any eCommerce site is largely different from managing any physical store.  You  know well what your customers want when they visit your offline stores, as you can directly ask them what  their choices, show exactly what they want, let them try out your products, or can even notice any inconvenience in your services, All these are definitely not possible in case of online stores but there might be some ways to offer a hassle-free and real-time services to let the customers have an experience like that of shopping at storefronts.

Take a look at the features you need for your own online store to attract prospective customers and grow your business online.

Product catalogue

If you truly have the potential to offer a variety of products and deliver them at the doorstep of the buyers, then it is not sensible of you to display only a limited collection of your products. Your eCommerce store should be capable enough to show all the products you have in store with an effective catalog management to help the customers find what they want by brand, material or category.

Product description and reviews

In physical customers can touch and inspect well what are they are buying and you can even describe them about the attributes of the products. To ensure that your online customers experience the same, provide detailed descriptions of your products so your potential customers can get all the information they need at once. Moreover, you can create up some space for customer reviews to make your site more credible and trustworthy to the visitors.

Fast loading speed

Fast loading speed is one vital requirement to keep visitors coming to your site and enhance conversion rates. Obviously, if your website loads in just a fraction of a second and all its content appear at once on the screen, it creates a positive impression in the minds of the visitors, thereby helping you to spur up sales through increased rate of conversions.

Security of transactions
This feature is most required for every business selling things online so that customers should be confident while making payments online. Customers need to give in their bank details, and other necessary personal information for login and paying, so they seek for a trustworthy website with adequate safety and security.

Loyalty programs
Like customers of physical stores, shoppers in online stores also look for loyalty programs such coupons, gift vouchers etc for being regular customers. So, every online retailer needs to realise the importance of retaining customers and keep offering loyalty programs to keep customers visiting your stores every time they want anything new.

To conclude, you need a user-friendly and customer centric online store for your business, and all these features can help you achieve so. However, you need the help of a dedicated website development that can help you with effective eCart platforms like Magento, or Shopify to make your store live by incorporating all the above features. You can get in touch with PHPProgrammers, that has a seasoned team of Magento developers who can perfectly help you in realising your dream of a vibrant online store.

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