Thursday, 9 March 2017

What Makes CodeIgniter A Convenient Solution for Start-Ups

At present, most web development companies are using CodeIgniter to help businesses, especially start-ups for building a robust website to mark their presence in the virtual world. Amidst of a numerous web development frameworks, CodeIgniter is the most preferred tool for the developers who deploys PHP language and MVC software for building websites. While every PHP frameworks are distinct and useful in terms of their features, CodeIgniter is chosen for its enhanced flexibility and configuration for delivering intuitive and powerful websites.
Let’s take a look at the core features of CodeIgniter framework, that makes it a most desirable solution for PHP developers.


While starting any new project on PHP, one has to begin from the scratch, collect many setup files, build databases, and configuration files, making the job of developers bit challenging. However, in the case of CodeIgniter, there is no need for any configurations or databases. Developers only need to download its latest version in the form of a zip file and following few steps for setting up.

Lesser code duplication

In CodeIgniter, there is no need for developers to write functions onto the page as each of the functions are seen in the models that can be accessed within the site. Each code is written in its appropriate places, thereby reducing the chance of codes duplication.

Framework for rapid development

With CodeIgniter, developers have to write very fewer codes. This saves a lot of your time as you did not have to trust any other external libraries for any new project because you will get most of them while installing the default CodeIgniter framework.

Built-in libraries
One remarkable advantage of using CodeIgniter is its exclusive set of libraries that comes with the default download. Every website mainly needs common classes including session, cart, pagination, cache classes, security and so forth, all of which are already available in CodeIgniter.

Easy handling of errors
Handling of errors hasn't been so easy until developers got to know about CodeIgniter. While in any type of custom website development, detecting bugs and fixing them is quite difficult, CodeIgniter offers an interface that will help you to identify any error functions present throughout the application. In it, you are needed to write single line code for enabling all the errors to display at once, so that you can understand the problems in the development code.

Enhanced security
Every business wants to build a secure site, which is not easy to hack by the intruders. Moreover, the sites should be secured from SQL injections, CSRF or XSRF attacks, which is assured if you use CodeIgniter. The framework comes with some best built-in classes and set of libraries which ensure the security of the sites through some simple steps.      

Final thought
CodeIgniter is one of the most distinct PHP frameworks reliable for the small businesses and startups because of its flexibility, enhanced functionalities, and performance oriented solutions. PHPProgrammers, being a pioneer in web development services in Australia has some of the best-trained CodeIgniter programmers who can deliver dynamic website solutions for your business. So, hire our CodeIgniter programmers and take a step ahead to fulfill your vision now!

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