Friday, 13 October 2017

Few Coolest Magento Plugins To Attract More Sales

If you are an online store owner, then you must be aware how challenging it is to draw customers to your site. Most of the times, retailers get enough of customers initially but hardly a few come back again for consecutive purchases. Thus, you need to make your site unique so that it will keep customers hooked up on your site and probably induce them to refer it others too.

However, how to make your site capable enough so that customers flock to it whenever they have anything to buy in mind? Surely, one needs the assistance of experienced eCommerce development company which can make the site attractive in all way to boost up sales. At PHPProgrammers, our eminent Magento website developers have dexterity and skills to empower eCommerce sites of any types magically by using all support systems offered by the platform, Magento. Considering the same, here take a look at some of the rewarding extensions or plugins of Magento, that eCommerce owners can apply to their Magento based site to make it extra functional and amplify sales. 

#1 Reward Points

Returning customers are most valuable for eCommerce sites and are more likely revisit again and again if get a rewarding treatment. With this plugin, site owners can entice the shoppers to come back to the store for all future purchases by providing they loyalty points(to be redeemed into discount offers) every time they check out the site.

#2 Instant Search+ Now

This plugin offers site search integration allowing eCommerce owners perceive the intentions and buying behaviour of visitors/customers. Instant search+ Now is like an experienced sales executive doing its job of showing up the appropriate, personalised and best product suggestions whenever a customer types something on the search box.

#3 Follow up email

Knowing that more than half of your customers are not going to buy what they see on your site at first, use this plugin to send emails later on with targeted offers and make them your actual buyers.

#4 Newsletter Popup 
This is definitely a sweet option for the digital marketers of eCommerce sites with which they nurture their strategies a bit more. Using it, they can provide a popup window for the visitors with a subscription fields to let them sign up for newsletter.

#5 Ajax search
This plugin will make searching for products one more step ahead for customers as it shows all probable results as they enter each letter in the search box.

#6 Daily Deals
eCommerce owners can be really ready in provide eye-grabbing deals on their site if they have access to this plugin. It helps them in creating deals at a time or every day and manage them. You can list the deal of the day (i.e. a special product on offer) and set a countdown display for its expiry to grab more customers.

#7 Gift Cards
Not to disappoint online buyers from the privilege of gifting their loved ones anytime, incorporate this plugin into your site. As it allows one to send a certain amount of virtual money as a gift to another, who can buy anything from your store within that limit, it becomes a great way to increase the customers and magnify sales.

Want to arm your Magento-based site with these powerful plugins to spur up sales overnight? Reach for our experienced team of developers in Australia who can play fair with these extensions and power your site for more sales! 

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