Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Magento: Ultimate Platform For Startups To be Successful in Online Front

The most crucial factor for consideration while building an all new website allowing customers to shop online is a platform to help build that. While many websites are just the online counterparts of brick-and-mortar stores, nowadays an unpredictable number of startups or budding entrepreneurs are landing the industry with robust shopping sites enabling customers to order and transact online. If you being one of them, are currently looking to create your own standalone eCommerce website, then choosing solutions of Magento development in Sydney from PHPProgrammers can be a prudent decision. Magento is at present the most versatile and high-end platform that let owners implant beautiful and stellar features on their eCommerce stores.  Here’s take a look why.

Full-fledged control

Magento is one of the very few platforms that offer fuller control to the owners or site developers over the front-end as well as back-end functions of the site. One can simply customise his site as per his preferences and desires, including the site layout, page designs to every feature.

Rich set of functionalities

Unlike other open source platforms, Magento comes with a rich set of eCommerce features that can take every site to winning heights of success in terms of sales. From advanced filters to one-step checkout, multilingual product views to multi-currency payment support, product comparison to wishlist creation, all can be provided in a Magento based site.

Unbeatable scalability

Magento is perhaps meant to help businesses scale their online sites as their business grows. It easily supports the inherent needs of both small-scale and large-sized businesses and offers them unlimited opportunity to expand their online storefront. With its unmatched scalability, Magento allows eCommerce retailers to deal with as much as 500,000 products and 80,000 orders every hour.

Advanced SEO features
Being an SEO-friendly platform, it empowers the retailers to attain better rankings or positions in the search engines. Magento comes with extensive and inbuilt SEO features that enable the site owners to optimise the performance of the stores in the SEO front with little effort. Search friendly URLs creations, proper meta tag controls, titles, image ALT tags, are some its search engine optimisation features that help sites to become more visible in search results. Further, Magento brings in some paid extensions for advanced SEO to allows businesses to tweak into the other crucial aspects and keep pace with latest trends in SEO.

Secure product and order management
Lastly, Magento is well admired for its top-notch order security and intensive product management. Thus, it enables retailers to keep track of orders, transactions, implement product description changes, add/remove products, etc, all with just one click of a key.

Magento is clearly the winsome eCommerce platform that brings in wonderful opportunities in online shopping for both the retailers and buyers. With these unparalleled sets of benefits from an open source platform, it does not leave a second thought for the startups who are willing to set their feet on the province of eCommerce. At PHPProgrammers, you can get to build and grow your site effortlessly with our team of seasoned eCommerce developers. So, without wasting time log into our website for our assured services. 

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