Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Unleashing the Features of Updated Version CakePHP 3.0

CakePHP unveiled its latest version 3.0 which soon proved to be a game changer for the developers in the industry. These days there are countless options for web developers when it about PHP development like CakePHP, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony, Yii 2 and hence sticking to one right platform is quite difficult. As time matured, all platforms came with better versions offering a wider spectrum of choices.  However, it was CakePHP that managed to steal the show amidst all PHP frameworks. A decade has passed since its initial release but it consistently evolved, providing an affluent share to CakePHP developers in the market.

So, with the alpha release of CakePHP version 3.0 now hot out of the oven, this blog provides a fresh look at it as one of the most effectual PHP framework for websites and applications development.

#1 Upgraded components

The latest version of CakePHP gives in enhanced support for so-called “flash messages” with the help of its newer components FlashHelper and Flash Component. Also, it offers a Cookie Component that helps in the management of Cookie data and for breaking apart the configuration of cookies namespaces.

#2 Uplifted performance

The latest version 3.0 of the CakePHP is compiled with performance enhancements to the bootstrap, routing and other processes which produce helper templates.


#3 Merged up themes and plugins

CakePHP 3.0 is empowered to offer dynamic themes of great quality and better category. Developers working with it get a unique experience and the themes hold same capabilities as that of the plugins. Thus, a plugin can be used just as a theme, which subsequently simplifies packaging of products with advanced resources.

#4 Enhanced bug-fixing
The bug-fixing tool integrated into the version 3.0 of CakePHP offers absolutely turnkey solutions to the problems of new application errors. It hence eases out the process of bug identification and fixation in the development stage.

#5 Impressive ORM enhancements
The new version of CakePHP has gone through a series of changes in the ORM or Object Relational Mapping. It hence now reduces the obstacles in the learning curve and removes major confusion in new adoption process as it customises various technical fault as well as system conventions.

In a nutshell
As mentioned above, the features of CakePHP’s ongoing version 3.x tend to provide more improved experience to the website developer and owners. Apart from offering widespread flexibility, it is a turnkey solution for them as it saves up huge time and costs. While the launch of CakePHP latest version with exceptional improvements manifest that the framework is sure to rule, it comes around as a preferred solution to all those seeking for a PHP based framework offering benefits in terms of ease of use and flexibility.

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