Friday, 3 November 2017

5 Top-notch PHP Frameworks For Seamless Applications Development

Undeniably, PHP is the trailblazing and most convenient scripting language at present assuring the agile development of large and small-scale web applications. It makes the development process outwardly lucid and simple, reduce down overall costs and time for development. That’s why businesses all over the world hire PHP programmers from eminent companies to use this programming language. However, the increasing level of complexities in the web projects has made it necessary to code right from the scratch. To add some comfort to the methodology of development, there emerged a number of PHP frameworks that help in writing and structuring codes, besides making it easier to comply MVC.

While there’s no denying that a right PHP framework is the only way to embark on applications development successfully, here’s a list of best of the frameworks trending now in the market.

#1 Laravel

Many claims that Laravel is the best framework for developing PHP applications because of its exceptionally built ecosystem with prior hosting and close to perfect documentation. Also, the framework comes with robust functions like light-weight “Blade” template engine, caching, queueing, elegant syntax etc. that give away to faster development, especially for large-scale applications.

#2 Zend

It is one of the earmarked frameworks with an object-oriented style that acknowledges latest PHP advancements and make development less reliant on other components as each can be deployed separately. Further, the exclusive set of libraries of Zend provide developers with scalable and seamless development.

#3 CakePHP

Being one of the oldest frameworks in the market, incepted 10 years ago, it's impressively great for any kind of web projects and has a growing active community. Likewise other PHP frameworks, it too deploys MVC architectural pattern and it is ultra level easy for developers to learn and work upon. While it is much more advanced now with enhanced sessions management and an expanded number of libraries, it is also a most sought-after framework for its great security features like input validation, prevention of cross-site scripting.

#4 Symfony
The components of Symfony too are much impressive, making it reliable for most kind of projects and it is backed by a wide developer community. Its component is identified as reusable PHP libraries for which one can execute different programs, from form creation, configuration to authentication and routing. Apart from these, its biggest advantage is the support for multiple databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL database and others.

#5 CodeIgniter
Having a long-term experience amongst other PHP frameworks, CodeIgniter is a winning solution when there are possible conflicts in the minds of business owners on different versions of PHP. It is the easiest in terms of installation, needs least configuration and works perfectly on every platform. Thus, inevitably this framework is suitable for all those who want to work without any limits as it offers infinite avenues for creativity.

While each platform has its own pros and cons, you need to stick to one that gives the best of solutions adhering to your project needs. However, the only way is to choose a company that is reliable enough and provides you with some eminent PHP experts. So, do not hesitate to reach for PHPProgrammers, one of pioneered website solutions providers in Australia, and we develop stellar projects for businesses and startups.

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