Wednesday, 1 November 2017

How to Enhance the Product Category Pages in Magento Sites

No doubt, product category pages are of utmost crucial for each and every eCommerce sites. Especially, when a site is built with Magento, a prior platform that emphasises more on page optimisation for greater visibility in search engines, you need to more discreet while creating a product category page as it is the key to encourage visitors to purchase. Thus, getting product category fixed rightly is a dire necessity for every eCommerce website and if you are inclined to the platform Magento, then get in touch with a devoted company for an expert Magento developer in Sydney, such as PHPProgrammers, which is an acclaimed web development company. But before that, here are some of the popular recommendations for you to make an excellent product category page in your eCommerce site.

Making search easier

Shoppers in your website will first seek for the search box to find the products of their choice. So, it is pivotal to provide them search options in the box that prove best for their shopping experience. Firstly, place the search in the most appropriate and convenient place on the page, and then optimise all its functions, like typing corrections, automatic product suggestions, and filtration with application of multiple attributes.

Taking care of SEO aspects

You may be aware that online customers tend to click on the first options displayed in the search engines when they type for a particular product. Thus, it is recommended to every eCommerce merchants out there to boost their SEO activity to the point that their site’s products appear in the top results. It’s not a simple and instant process though. Owners and marketers need to put in great efforts to research on the keywords related to their products that people mostly search with and optimise them to boost rankings.

Impressive product titles

Regardless of how many products you are showing under one product category, make sure that all of them are named with an impressive title, along with brand name and model number if needed.

Prominent Call to Action
A website that does not place a clear button or tab for Call-to-Action on the product category pages, it can lose a number of potential customers. Not always, all customers click on the image for buying but instead look for a Call-to-Action button. Thus, to avoid wasting their time, make sure you provide such a button under each category.

Improving indexation
Try adding a short description for each of the product categories in your Magento store and you can manage categories from the “Catalog” option only. Also, putting alt text under product images with essential keywords will help your category page rise up in the higher ranking positions in search engines.

These tips can help your site’s product category pages gain more visibility and drive more customers than ever. So, if you are thinking why your store is not attracting enough audience try implementing these and see your visitors number soaring up high in few days.

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