Monday, 5 March 2018

Things To Keep in Mind While Using Node.js

While JavaScript is primarily occupying the web development space with new frameworks and enhancement tools, Node.js surfaced as another open source runtime JavaScript framework that assists developers to create real-time web applications. With its advent, JavaScript found its place into the server and gradually it started earning recognition as a mature server language, compelling large to small corporate and businesses to use it. PHPProgrammers being a reputed company in web development space houses a great team of Node js developers in Sydney, that helps business houses and companies that are looking forward to mark their digital presence to have a vivid web application.

However, before you delve into the idea of developing your web application using Node.js and appoint a developer, here are few things you should be considering.

#1 Run different function ‘In Parallel’

The web application might be needing various internal calls to the APIs for getting the data. But, a great way to solve this issue is using different middleware for separate functions. Node offers the most effective way to address this and that is to use parallel features.

#2 Use of caching

If your developers are adept at Node.js then make sure they use its caching feature. In case your web app needs to fetch some data often which are not subjected to changes, then caching it highly useful as it improves the overall performance of the application, including loading speed.

#3 Client-side delivery is recommended 

Node.js being both way framework supporting client-side as well as server-side application, is highly preferred by developers. While letting Node.js server-side rendering will require you sending back HTML page every time for every request, it is advised to use client-side rendering as it saves bandwidth and greatly decreases the latency.

#4 Keeping code small and light

One great way to optimise the performance of the web applications is to minify and concatenate the multiple JS files into a single file. If the application bears 4 files, then the browser will create separate HTTP requests for fetching each of the files. This, for preventing this and reducing the wait time, it is suggested to minify and concatenate all files into a streamlined one.

Keeping these crucial things will help you create a performance-oriented and optimal application for your company. No doubt, our team of Node.js experts adhere to these compelling facts while developing applications for the clients. If you are serious about getting your app developed with this frontrunning cross-platform JavaScript platform, then connect to us at our website and start ahead!

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