Sunday, 24 July 2016

Core Features of Magento that Make it a Superior Choice

The current market is bombarded with a myriad of software applications providing people with unique services. A comprehensive platform with all intrinsic components and proper functionality is necessary for ensuring a smooth flow of business operations. Mostly, the eCommerce software’s provides a range of support services all of which, are developed to cater diversified requirements.

Magento is a feature-packed, flexible eCommerce platform with a series of robust web service applications, which is generally used for setting an online store. Entrepreneurs deploy this platform for the online stores as it offers a series of unique benefits and features for the task of store development. Here below are some of its promising features.

This platform comprises of all the necessary features like catalog management, the shopping cart, search, administration and checkout functions for implementing an impressive and functional online store.

  • Admin interface
Users can avail the benefit of a client-friendly interface by deploying this platform as because, this is one of the most efficient admin interfaces compared to any other type of open source system.

  • Flexibility & Conversion
The flexibility features of this platform helps users to change the prevailing features or include new ones.

  • Architecture
The basic structure on which, Magento is being built is highly-efficient and this in turn, makes it a stable and reliable platform.

  • Multi store functionality
Since it comes with a number of multi store functionality attributes, you can have a series of online stores with the help of a single admin panel. Users will be able to view stored information by using a single admin control panel for each store.

  • Live currency update
Live currency support is truly essential for every e-shopping cart in context to the present market scenario. Agreeing to this fact, Magento provide users with this beneficial feature. The Magento currency module is linked directly to WebServiceX that automatically update rates.

  • Easy Spreadsheet Import
This attribute is helpful for newly-built stores, since, it is quite easy to import a wide range of products in this platform when there is a huge list of merchandise to include in the store.

  • User-friendly
It is a user-friendly software, since it is very easy for merchants to prepare catalogs and include images for the product. Additionally, it allows to review a product, manage order, inventory, shipment and set different types of payment modes easily.

With such a wide range of phenomenal attributes, Magento has achieved immense popularity across the world, especially Australia. Resultantly, the demand for experienced Magento developers has increased at a drastic rate in major cities of Australia including Sydney, Brisbane and many more. A skilled Magento developer of Brisbane is expected to develop your eCommerce website strategically, which would definitely ensure greater accessibility and user-friendliness, thereby making the customers satisfied.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

The eCommerce Platform Magento Impressively Catering to Enterprise Requirements

In spite of having apparent similarities, businesses have their structural as well as operational differences. Thus, it is obvious that off-the-shelf software applications can hardly cater to unique requirements of businesses. On the other hand, while launching an online store any businessman has to emphasize on the aspect of customization to implement greater flexibility to the website. Only a flexible web portal helps to maximize sales and optimize the brand’s corporate operations.   

Customization redefined
The best eCommerce platforms allow users to thoroughly customize everything, ranging from a website’s appearance to the store front’s interface and background processes. Thus, you or me, as a user, can easily create a website that looks and works exactly the way we want it to. This overall aspect makes life easier for businessmen along with simplifying the approach to manage eCommerce business.

In this context, it is relevant mentioning that Magento eCommerce platform is most popular among the business community these days to develop virtual stores across the internet. The platform offers unbelievable flexibility in terms of web development. Thus, it is very easy to get tailor-made web solutions using Magento that exactly meet the unique requirements of businesses. Moreover, the open-source platform cuts down the cost of web development to a huge extent. In addition to the factors mentioned above, it suits all types of businesses.

Scalability and growth

Thanks to the robust online community scattered all over the planet, it is even easier to get thousands of efficient plugins for the popular eCommerce platform these days. These plugins contribute with greater flexibility to Magneto-powered web portals. It is also fully scalable to grow and can change and adjust itself as your business keeps growing with the passage of time.
The crucial features of Magento include the following:
  • The script is integrated with Google Analytics, which proves helpful on the aspect of online marketing.
  • Browsing for products or services on websites powered by Magento is much easier as it allows multiple images for products, and options for extensive reviews, etc.
  • Features like easy navigation, advanced product filtering system, product comparison make the aspect of catalogue browsing even easier.
  • Even catalogue management is easier with Magento given its rich set of user-friendly features like inventory management, batch import and export of products, different tax rates per location, and additional product attributes, etc.
  • Magento is a 100% search engine-friendly  eCommerce platform that provides the support of Google SiteMap.
  • You can also easily control multiple websites, multiple languages, tax rate with support for the US and international markets with Magento.

Considering all these factors, it is obvious that the  number of Magento eCommerce websites is rising at an exponential rate these days.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

How Shopify Developers Can Prove Rewarding for Your Business?

It is an established fact that ecommerce is steadily growing to occupy a larger percentage of retail sales in every quarter. In this scenario, mobile commerce is accounting for more than half the traffic across the ecommerce stores. Considering these drastic changes, businesses are compelled to make their online operations more
  • Intuitive
  • Mobile-friendly and
  • Seamless experience to customers
To achieve the aforesaid objectives, the craze to hire Shopify developers is gradually taking the centerstage.  
 The CMS platform today
Shopify is the leading ecommerce platform, which is powering billions of businesses across hundreds of nations all over the globe! Thanks to the frequent updates and impressive technological improvements, the CMS platform has literally turned into an extensive, easy-to-use tool for small and medium-sized businesses  to leverage their digital channels. Moreover, there are plenty of skilled Shopify techies who can easily fine tune the solutions to resemble a more professional look.  
Helpful for businesses
The story of how Shopify expanded from online store software to a centralised ecommerce solution is certainly interesting. However, there are specific reasons because of which businesses cutting across industrial sectors are consciously opting for it. The CMS platform
  • Can handle both brick-and-mortar stores and electronic retail outlets with equal efficiency
  • Is one of the easiest tools for rookies to manage business
  • Also proves most effective when a business expands from brick-and-mortar shell to the virtual domain
  • Can easily provide customised solutions thanks to its array of robust APIs with myriads of features
  • Provides reasonable cost of ownership and easy maintenance
Mercantile establishments are able to manage their point-of-sale (POS) systems both online and offline  with Shopify. It is also one of the prominent platforms to integrate all the popular social media platforms. Thus, this CMS platform proves ideal for the majority of customers who prefer assessment-based shopping.   

Push for m-commerce
In order to stay abreast with the ongoing trend of mobile commerce, Shopify is adding robust mobile apps for both android and iOS with mobile-optimized checkouts to facilitate overall mobile-responsiveness.

PHP Programmers is one of the most dependable names across Australia in delivering state-of-the-art Shopify websites. The organization has successfully handled a string of projects till date, creating a never-ending list of satisfied clients. Businesses prefer to hire Shopify developers from this eminent web solutions provider to enjoy an edge in contrast to their competitors.