Sunday, 24 July 2016

Core Features of Magento that Make it a Superior Choice

The current market is bombarded with a myriad of software applications providing people with unique services. A comprehensive platform with all intrinsic components and proper functionality is necessary for ensuring a smooth flow of business operations. Mostly, the eCommerce software’s provides a range of support services all of which, are developed to cater diversified requirements.

Magento is a feature-packed, flexible eCommerce platform with a series of robust web service applications, which is generally used for setting an online store. Entrepreneurs deploy this platform for the online stores as it offers a series of unique benefits and features for the task of store development. Here below are some of its promising features.

This platform comprises of all the necessary features like catalog management, the shopping cart, search, administration and checkout functions for implementing an impressive and functional online store.

  • Admin interface
Users can avail the benefit of a client-friendly interface by deploying this platform as because, this is one of the most efficient admin interfaces compared to any other type of open source system.

  • Flexibility & Conversion
The flexibility features of this platform helps users to change the prevailing features or include new ones.

  • Architecture
The basic structure on which, Magento is being built is highly-efficient and this in turn, makes it a stable and reliable platform.

  • Multi store functionality
Since it comes with a number of multi store functionality attributes, you can have a series of online stores with the help of a single admin panel. Users will be able to view stored information by using a single admin control panel for each store.

  • Live currency update
Live currency support is truly essential for every e-shopping cart in context to the present market scenario. Agreeing to this fact, Magento provide users with this beneficial feature. The Magento currency module is linked directly to WebServiceX that automatically update rates.

  • Easy Spreadsheet Import
This attribute is helpful for newly-built stores, since, it is quite easy to import a wide range of products in this platform when there is a huge list of merchandise to include in the store.

  • User-friendly
It is a user-friendly software, since it is very easy for merchants to prepare catalogs and include images for the product. Additionally, it allows to review a product, manage order, inventory, shipment and set different types of payment modes easily.

With such a wide range of phenomenal attributes, Magento has achieved immense popularity across the world, especially Australia. Resultantly, the demand for experienced Magento developers has increased at a drastic rate in major cities of Australia including Sydney, Brisbane and many more. A skilled Magento developer of Brisbane is expected to develop your eCommerce website strategically, which would definitely ensure greater accessibility and user-friendliness, thereby making the customers satisfied.


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