Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Choose Magento for Building a Powerful eCommerce Store

2016 has encountered a steady rise in the eCommerce industry. With the growing competition addressed by the eCommerce sector, both the small and large scale businesses across the world are not only willing to establish their online stores but, also develop their online stores with the aim of maximizing conversion and customer engagement.

While considering the advanced eCommerce technologies, Magento is one of the most leading open source eCommerce platforms that offers a wide range of advanced features to boost the visual appeal, functionality and content of online stores. Though, there’s a crunch of PHP-based open source eCommerce platforms, Magento serves to be a high-end solution since, it’s easy and simple to install and customize and developed on the Zend framework which, are accessible to the base system.

Following here, we would like to discuss on the core beneficial aspects of Magento which, certainly offers a competitive edge to the online stores.

Using Magento for developing your online store offers you the flexibility to work while depending on its size, budget and requirements of the business. Since, there is a range of templates and themes available for the platform, the developers can include some unique features for making the website universal.

Core coding of the platform is capable of integrating with 3rd party coding in a convenient way. Coding on Magento is not that much complex as compared to other eCommerce platforms. Furthermore, the coding process doesn’t get disrupted by unusual add-ons of extensions of future upgrades.

Administration of an online store becomes much easy with Magento as compared to other platforms. It helps online merchants to obtain a comprehensive and precisely-prepared performance report of the website with information on new product availability, market demand and much more. This in turn, helps them to chalk out the best strategy for boosting their business in the right course.

User-friendly site
Despite of being fast and dynamic, Magento is still quite simple thereby, making it extremely easy for the visitors to search and purchase product items all through the online store. eCommerce offers valuable elements for SEO, online marketing and catalogue management customized as per the clients’ needs.

At PHPProgrammers, with years of experience, we have been able to comprehend that a good
Online store is the base of delivering customer satisfaction and an enhanced user experience. Thus, we aim at building enterprise-class Magento development solutions which, are highly feasible and innovative as well.


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