Thursday, 12 January 2017

Build Futuristic and Customer-Centric eCommerce Sites With Magento

Magento is currently one of the most seeked platforms for developing eCommerce solutions, but what makes it so is still inexplicit. The platform was cast away for its extensive coding, complicated coding styles and lack of ease of customization, it still managed to linger on the charts of the eCommerce developers for its distinct facets. There are several effective reasons for which Magento eCommerce developers boasts of the platform as an ultimate solutions for online stores.

 #An ever evolving platform

Magento being an open source platform allows the developers to try out, update or modify the existing solutions to build new extensions and solutions that are amiable with the desired eCommerce trends in the market. 

#Offers Scalability

This is most sound aspect of Magento which makes it highly preferred to those small sized entrepreneurs who have great prospects of grow. Magento is built in a way which allows the store owners to manage a large amount data.

#Conversion driven features

Magento is well capable of converting the visitors in your site to customers. Simplified process of registration and checkout, multiple gateways, multiple language support are some of its features that facilitates altogether the conversion of visitors into loyal customers of your store. 
#Specific functionalities

store owners seek for some specific features for hassle free management of their stores and Magento makes things much more easier. Products and orders management, social media optimization, secured transactions,  vendor management are some of the crucial aspects to look for and Magento provides solutions for all these specific aspects. 
#Search-engine friendly

Search engines are the only resort to the online shoppers so it is highly essential that you make your online store highly visible there to attract more traffic. Even though there is different stream of marketing dedicated to improve the site’s traffic, Magento itself has some technical built -ins such as SEO friendly URLs, meta title and descriptions that leads to traffic enhancements.
#Mobile friendly

As most of the internet users are using mobile phones for shopping online, it has become a prime need for every online retailers to optimize their stores for all mobile devices. Magento assures you that with its mobile compatible extensions and scripts. 
Final Words

Magento has  been evolving consistently pertaining to the changes in the needs of the businesses and online customers. These customer centric and impacting features are bound to rake your site’s performance and user experience to new benchmarks. So, do not miss out any opportunity to build an eCommerce site for your business or revamp your existing site and partner with PHPProgrammer, a pioneer in magento eCommerce development services.

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