Sunday, 19 February 2017

5 Best Measures for Securing Magento Stores

Magento is hailing among e-tailers as the most fitting and efficient eCommerce platform. With each passing day, it’s has been making significant signs of progress in terms of flexibility, performance, functionalities, and even security. As most Magento built sites, being eCommerce ventures deal with sensitive customer details, including financial credentials, they are becoming the easy targets of hackers. If you are an owner of an online store, then it’s high time that you pay attention to its security aspects.
Protecting your customers’ essential credentials is crucial as it directly impacts your store’s reputation and sales. Here’s enumerating some of the best ways to affix your Magento site from security threats.

Use Encrypted Connection

Using encrypted connection, either HTTPS or SSL is must if your site deals with confidential details of the customers. The key features of encrypted connection are encrypting all the data regarding checkouts, transactions and customer interactions between the browser and server at the back-end.

Use the latest version of Magento

It is advisable that your online store must be run on the newest version of Magento. Outdated versions being lagged in security features will make your site prone to online thefts, like SQL injection, spamming. So, to keep your site secure, hire the services of expert Magento programmer and update your site to the latest version.

Set highly admin name and password

Online merchants mostly set up simple credentials for logging onto their online stores and create common username and password for the use of admin panels. This provides a great opportunity for the hackers to intrude the sites to hack customer data. So, make sure that your Magento store has a complicated and unique username and password that is hard to guess for the hackers. Also, keep updating the admin’s username as well as the password timely.

Get fixed IP addresses for accessing admin panel
When your online store is created and assisted by a team of eCommerce site developers, then do not forget to get it secured by using highly restricted login attempts from any other IP addresses.

Keep backups of essential data
Online merchants make a huge mistake by not creating a backup server as a data restorer for their sites. Having a backup server will help you get back up all your data when there is a loss of database and financial infringements due to site blocking, computer catastrophes or any kind of hacking.  

Looking at the increased intensity of online security breaches, hiring the services of a pioneered eCommerce development company would be a wise decision if you are running a Magento powered site. Having years of experience in the domain of website creation, they offer intricate services and can secure your store all types of security threats. So hire our Magento developers from PHPProgrammers in Australia and shield your site from all sorts of intruders and privacy attacks.

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Friday, 10 February 2017

5 Discreet Ways to help e-Retailers Boost Sales of Their Online Stores

Looking at the present trend of competition and upheavals in the online commerce with rising number of eCommerce stores, retailers are seeking for the best platforms to enhance the sales of their sites. Magento, being one of the most popular and vibrant platforms supports the aspiring retailers with flexible content management, mobile friendly themes, settings and configurations, enhanced security protection making online selling much easier than ever. Take a look at some of the techniques that can help you increase conversions and sales of your store.

Easy and Simple Navigation

Customers are the key focus of any eCommerce business and hence you should offer user-friendly options allowing them to browse and search through a range of products with utmost ease. Easy navigation provides better shopping experience by making searches, order placement and checkout processes convenient to the users.

Faster page load time

Online customers are perhaps the busiest and impatient ones and hence slow loading of your website pages is a surefire reason to make users abandon the site. Studies showed visitors tend to leave the site if it takes more than 5-7 seconds to load. With Magento, you can make your site pages load with lightning fast speed through traffic management, use an extension like Relic for pinpointing the causes of sluggishness and performance bottlenecks and use tools to keep yourself alert regarding the downtime.

Simple Process of Checking Out

Online cart abandonment rate is whopping for most sites which signal that procedure of checkout is either too much time-consuming or intensely complicate involving many details and user information. So, try to make an intuitive, but a brief and secure process of checkout, saving a lot of time of the users.

Product Recommendations
This seems cost-effective as well as an impacting strategy to allure customers and enhance sales. With personalised recommendation of related products, discounted products, or new offerings you can create interests in your visitors on other products apart from what they are seeking. This directly enhances the scope of sales as visitors may like the recommended items and opt for buying them too.

Use Social Media Integration
Integrating social share buttons on the product pages can eventually help you to get your products to the social media accounts and let followers know about them. By making your products’ information shareable in social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter you will be converting your satisfied customers into trustworthy advertisers of your products in their social circles. At the end, you can drive significant traffic from social media pages by engaging your customers and promoting your visitors.

Concluding Note
From easing navigation to integrating social media, all these are much-needed features to make your eCommerce site more lucid for the visitors and capable of driving conversions. As this year brings more prospect for online businesses with mobile responsiveness and payment flexibilities, it’s high time that you gear up to dedicate your website resources to please customers and spur up your sales. Thus, get in touch with PHPProgrammers, a competent Magento website development company in Australia having a team of specialists, to implement these techniques that will let your sales grow, besides streamlining your site's operation.

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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

5 Features That Can Escalate Sales of Your Online Fashion Store

Online fashion stores are growing fast than any other categories of eCommerce business and are offering a reliable option for startups and enterprises to generate substantial revenue. While creating an online site has become much easier with open-source platforms like Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, ZenCart and so forth, entrepreneurs often forget that much more can be done on their store to offer an enriching and engaging experience to the customers or visitors and enhance the scope for sales.   
Here are some of the best and proven techniques that can help you to spur up sales by tempting visitors to buy your products.

Vibrant Images

Your website’s homepage is the first place to display your stocks of products. So, do not overcrowd your first page with lots of text and images, but keep it simple and appealing with big banners and best images of some of your popular products, with some compelling slogans. Make use of icons in the main menu of shopping categories, instead of using an extended layered navigation.

Create A Main Dropdown Menu

To keep things simple and enable your customers to find the product they want, create a mega-menu with a drop-down feature, that will show different categories and subcategories of products. Product categories and subcategories when displayed at one place offers more convenience to the users to browse for a particular product and retain their interests.

Embed Product videos

Providing a clear and simple video review of the product can attract more customers by providing realistic information. Videos let your customers visualise the product in a real situation and so they can realise the utility of the product beforehand. Magento offers an extension of product video gallery with which you can feature videos in the product gallery of your site.

Relevant Product Descriptions
This is the most crucial but also the least costly method of enhancing conversions of the online store. Put clear but very short descriptions of your products, and include only relevant things about the product. Do not try to be more creative when it comes to describing a product, as it may become difficult for the audiences to understand.

There’s a lot of room for improving your online site’s appearance further to attract visitors and turn them to potential buyers. These are some of the prerequisites that clearly help in driving traffic to your website, but what you need is the assistance of eCommerce website developers who can assure you such service. PHPProgrammers boasts of a team of professional Magento developers adept at building robust solutions for online shopping stores for different industries including fashion. So, reach us now and deploy these strategies to boost up the sales of the one-stop fashion shop at affordable costs.

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