Friday, 10 February 2017

5 Discreet Ways to help e-Retailers Boost Sales of Their Online Stores

Looking at the present trend of competition and upheavals in the online commerce with rising number of eCommerce stores, retailers are seeking for the best platforms to enhance the sales of their sites. Magento, being one of the most popular and vibrant platforms supports the aspiring retailers with flexible content management, mobile friendly themes, settings and configurations, enhanced security protection making online selling much easier than ever. Take a look at some of the techniques that can help you increase conversions and sales of your store.

Easy and Simple Navigation

Customers are the key focus of any eCommerce business and hence you should offer user-friendly options allowing them to browse and search through a range of products with utmost ease. Easy navigation provides better shopping experience by making searches, order placement and checkout processes convenient to the users.

Faster page load time

Online customers are perhaps the busiest and impatient ones and hence slow loading of your website pages is a surefire reason to make users abandon the site. Studies showed visitors tend to leave the site if it takes more than 5-7 seconds to load. With Magento, you can make your site pages load with lightning fast speed through traffic management, use an extension like Relic for pinpointing the causes of sluggishness and performance bottlenecks and use tools to keep yourself alert regarding the downtime.

Simple Process of Checking Out

Online cart abandonment rate is whopping for most sites which signal that procedure of checkout is either too much time-consuming or intensely complicate involving many details and user information. So, try to make an intuitive, but a brief and secure process of checkout, saving a lot of time of the users.

Product Recommendations
This seems cost-effective as well as an impacting strategy to allure customers and enhance sales. With personalised recommendation of related products, discounted products, or new offerings you can create interests in your visitors on other products apart from what they are seeking. This directly enhances the scope of sales as visitors may like the recommended items and opt for buying them too.

Use Social Media Integration
Integrating social share buttons on the product pages can eventually help you to get your products to the social media accounts and let followers know about them. By making your products’ information shareable in social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter you will be converting your satisfied customers into trustworthy advertisers of your products in their social circles. At the end, you can drive significant traffic from social media pages by engaging your customers and promoting your visitors.

Concluding Note
From easing navigation to integrating social media, all these are much-needed features to make your eCommerce site more lucid for the visitors and capable of driving conversions. As this year brings more prospect for online businesses with mobile responsiveness and payment flexibilities, it’s high time that you gear up to dedicate your website resources to please customers and spur up your sales. Thus, get in touch with PHPProgrammers, a competent Magento website development company in Australia having a team of specialists, to implement these techniques that will let your sales grow, besides streamlining your site's operation.

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